Ugh….here we go again. Out of all the people on FOX’s coverage last year there was one person I couldn’t stand more than any other…..Barry Alvarez. But hey that’s just me and maybe he’s improved like Charles Davis. See you around 8ish for fun.

Anyone up for drinking every time the bands are shown?

#8 Kansas vs. #3 Virginia Tech
The Orange Bowl
8:00 PM ET, January 3, 2008
Dolphin Stadium, Miami, FL

Weather: 53 Degrees, Chance of Showers 30&
Spread: VT -3.5, O/U 52
AA’s Pick: Tough one here. I’ve seen VT play a lot this season and they’ve never really beat anyone by that much. That was until their last 5 games of the season. VT -3, buy the half (Record 16-10-2)
Announcers: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Barry Alvarez (FOX)

Team Leaders

Kansas Passing: Reesing- 62.6%, 3259 Yards, 32 TDs, 6 INTs
Virginia Tech Passing: Glennon- 62.8%, 1636 Yards, 11 TDs, 3 INTs

Kansas Rushing: McAnderson- 175 Carries, 1050 Yards, 6.0 avg, 16 TDs
Virginia Tech Rushing: Ore- 244 Carries, 876 Yards, 3.6 avg, 8 TDs

Kansas Receiving: Henry- 52 Catches, 994 Yards, 19.1 avg, 9 TDs
Virginia Tech Receiving: Harper- 37 Catches, 571 Yards, 15.4 avg, 4 TDs

God here we go….don’t give Alvarez his own intro.

“They went right at Aqib Talib the best receiver for Kansas.”- Barry Alvarez

Yeah he’s on defense Barry.

“There’s no rhyme or reason you’ll see these guys on the. It’s basically down and distance.”- Daryl Johnston on the VT QBs

Yep….no parameters.

“That defense closes and they collision when they get there.”- Barry Alvarez

Was that English?

“I think Sean Glennon might want that one back.”- Daryl Johnston on Glennon throwing an INT

Thanks Captain Obvious.

“The intangibles on this kid are immeasurable”- Daryl Johnston

That’s why they call them intangibles Moose.

“We talk about the different players Coach Mangoni recruits…….Mangino.”- Barry Alvarez

“They took Branden Ore and pounded him down the field.”- Daryl Johnston

“Branden Ore is hot.”- Barry Alvarez

“If he can ride that running back and pull it and go out the back door he’d of had a big play.”- Daryl Johnston