I got wind of this ahead of time but I figured that Leitch wanted it to be a surprise. In case you missed Bob Costas’ Town Hall Meeting on Baseball last night, he had Will and Buzz Bissinger in the crowd and introduced them before the event began….

So sweet….they look like old friends and there’s even some background on the idea….

Whose idea was this?
Costas’. He called me late last week and asked if I’d be down with it. I said sure, why not. This came 30 seconds before Bob crowed about how much he had helped my career, a claim I found specious, and said so. I’m not sure he listened. Anyway. Bob just said, “You should sit next to Buzz during the show, and drink beer together, and I’ll make a joke about how baseball can bring anyone together.” I happen to agree with this sentiment 100 percent, and, whatever, free beer.

The odd thing about all of this isn’t that the two of them showed up together but that it was Costas’ idea. The host spent most of yesterday giving interviews trying convince people not to watch if they wanted a recreation like the Leitch-Bissinger event, but hey…whatever works right?

The show itself wasn’t anything special but it was somewhat entertaining. The group really only briefly touched on steroids and ticket prices and really seemed to serve as a forum to praise the players and Hall of Famers in the crowd. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, and the stories are amazing, but that’s not what I was expecting coming in. It’s good to see everyone is getting along though. See that wasn’t so hard was it?

Buzz And Me: An FAQ (Deadspin)