It’s the perils of live TV that bring about clips like the one from Tuesday morning (and I would know being the only “live” guest on Blog Show). You all watched in horror as a seemingly lead-filled souvenir plastic cup was hurled towards ESPN’s Steve Young, and the analyst is finally able to talk about the scary moment just three days later!

Here is Young on On KNBR-680 in San Francisco yesterday, talking with Ralph Barbieri….

“Yeah, it was a perfect shot. You know, you’d think that would happen in Philly or Cleveland, you don’t expect that in Charlotte.”- Steve Young
“Do the producers, the powers that be at ESPN, do they apparently want that raucous crowd right up close there?”- Ralph Barbieri
“Yeah, they do it for the shot. So they have fifteen people going crazy so it looks like…wow. There’s a lot of excitement going on there.”- Steve Young

Zing! Seriously though, Barbieri is right. When I’m trying to listen to new words that Emmitt is trying to use on-air, I don’t want a bunch of random fans from New Orleans or Houston drowning him out.

Oh and Steve, good job in being a “good sport” and all, but I wouldn’t go saying that you’d expect that in Philly. Pretty sure they’re past the whole plastic cup throwing thing and onto heavier and sharper objects. Just sayin’.

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