Don’t worry this video is safe for work, but I’m hoping there’s someone out there that can provide the NSFW one. This is a piece from Memphis’ FOX Affiliate on a woman named Stephanie Simpson “who may have been under the influence of alcohol” and flashed the Jumbotron (sorry for the low quality, but you’ll live)…..

Okay…..a couple of talking points…..

1. Could the guy that they’re interviewing be more of a perv?
2. “I don’t think that’s going to ruin any family atmosphere at the game.”- Perv
3. “She actually flashed the Jumobtron during a crowd shot. What happened next, happened in a flash.”- Hot Reporter (See what she did there?)
4. She’s an f’ing Sea Captain?!?!?! What “Seas” are there in Tennessee???
5. “Possibly” under the influence of alcohol???
6. Over 10,000 people at a Grizzlies game??? Poppycock!

The NBA……Where Stripteases Happen.