After some careful research on my own part. I believe I have uncovered the identity of the Song Girl in question for cause “Ass Gate 2007” (Trademarked by AA)

Her name? Megan.
Her major? Business. (of course)
Her hometown? Vancouver, Washington
Her career goals? “I plan to pursue a career in Marketing or Advertising. I’ll probably come back to the Marshall School of Business to get my MBA.” (Very admirable)
Her Hobbies? “My hobbies include dancing, the beach, all USC sporting events, and shopping. I love being outdoors, the ocean, and having fun! Traveling to new places and meeting new people are two of my favorite things.” (Umm Megan….baby….I know a TON of people that want to meet you)
She’s happiest when? “I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by the family and friends I care about most, and who know how to make me laugh. It helps if the ocean and good food are close by, too!”
She is most proud of? “I am most proud of: The values that my parents instilled in me as a child. I know that wherever my crazy life takes me, I will always have a sound moral foundation and parents who love and support me.” (Wow….I’m not even going anywhere near this one. Crazy life huh? You have no idea.)
One word to describe herself? “Fun!” (Hell yeah!)
Favorite aspect of Song Leading? “The excitement! I love the rush of performing for 80,000 people and supporting a winning team.” (The rush. So that’s what the kids are calling it these days)
Favorite memory on the squad? Any of the times spent with my wonderful Song Girls, whether we’re huddled around an electric heater while freezing on the beach while filming The O.C., laying out on the beaches of Catalina Island, or banding together to face a feisty Pauley Pavilion full of Bruins. When we’re together, it promises to be a memorable good time. (Add showing my ass to millions during the Grandaddy of them All!).

Are you ready to see her? Good. Meet Megan….star of Ass Gate 2007.

This is in no way an exact science. I based my findings mainly on the picture “starred” above and this one below…..but it appears that the profile is an exact Match!

Legs….same, nose…..same, height…..same, um…upper region…..same. We have found a name for our ass and they name is MEGAN! I’m dubbing this experiment a success!

For closer/better pictures click the links below.

Megan’s Page (USC Song Girls)
The Entire USC Song Girl Squad….Megan bottom left. (USC Song Girls)

Update: Even though there is a debate going on over at Deadspin. I’m 99% sure it’s Megan. I’m sticking with the original analysis. Megan is much taller and has a thinner face than Alli. Here are a couple more gratitous shots of the girls….

(Megan third from left)

(Meg-O….Top Row, Second from Left)

Update #1,023- Scott Olin Schmidt (Boi from Troy) has now entered the fray, and thinks it’s neither Megan….nor Alli, but Allison!?!?!?! Man this is getting tough, but I submit my final evidence and you can be the judge……Megan, Alli, and Allison together!!!!!!!

I’m sticking with the nose being the deciding factor and my final vote goes to Megan. Now somebody get an interview with this lass already!

Click here for the photo link displaying their identities