This video encompasses the spirit of two men like nothing ever before. I’ll let you watch (in case you missed it last night) and then we can discuss on the other side.

I’ll tackle Manny first. Manny gets away with everything…all of his escapades are immediately forgotten because he plays well and/or his team wins. He always follows a dumb comment in the media with a great game and everyone says “Oh Manny…we love you!” Well that’s why the rest of America can’t stand Red Sox Nation. If he watches one more homer and a pitcher doesn’t throw one in his back….I’m going to lose my mind

As far as McCarver I want to point to two things. One in that video and one not. We’ll start with a quote from that clip above.

“The carom shows it didn’t hit out, I don’t think. Because the carom goes up. Had it hit on the top of the wall it skids past the wall it appears….to me.”- Tim McCarver

Do you think Tim even understands how dumb he sounds at times? Look I understand slight mistakes, and I usually only poke fun at them because they’re harmless. Tim McCarver botches player’s names, can’t count, forgot how the game of baseball is played, and can’t understand simple physics. Of course the carom shows the ball didn’t got out! You just said the ball was thrown in by Grady Sizemore, which wasn’t right either!!! Gutierrez threw the ball in. It just blows my mind.

Well not as much as this. This quote comes courtesy reader JL who provided the audio (will be added soon) of Tim McCarver trying to do math again, and failing…miserably.

McCarver Audio

“It’s six in a row retired by Beckett…tailing fastball to Gutierrez. (Pause) I said six in a row…that’s ten in a row. One more time, the third times the charm….nine in a row retired by Beckett.”- Tim McCarver

I give up. If FOX can’t see that this is a joke then I don’t know what more can be said.