Look, I know that probably 75% of you AA readers only came here after the USC Song Girl Incident last January. And while I would love to believe that it was my writing that garnered me the attention that I have received….I am resigned to the fact that it was The “T”, but mainly the “A”, that lead you to my tiny little world.

So that’s why I am naming the USC Song Girls as the Patron Saint of Awful Announcing (I know…it’s a monumentus occasion).

The Summer is almost upon us and Spring Practice is in full swing. As college students around the country have packed up and headed back home….there is one group that is hard at work preparing to Cheer for the wrong team, Bare their assets….Cheer the Trojans to victory!!!!!!! I present to you your 2007 USC Song Girls (click for larger)….

Your players for the upcoming year are: Jenny, Christina, Lauren, Diana, Stephanie, Christine, Allison, Ruth, Tianna, Sarah, and Jennifer.

I hate to say this, but I’m pretty underwhelmed with this year’s squad. And Christine by you standing in the middle in front of everyone else….“I take you to be the captain, which means you’ll need more work than anyone.” While our friend Megan has apparently graduated, and the original video is no longer available on YouTube…..the image is forever burned into our memories.

Do your worst squad of 2007! We’ll be watching….

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P.S.- There was no vote, but FYI…..Erin Andrews was an also Ran….as well as Bill Simmons. But did you really think I’d have a dude us the Patron Saint of anything? (Ahem! OMDQ)

P.P.S.- Those USC Asics are badass….I’ll give you more press if you send me a pair girls!