We’re back at it again today as another 15 Sports Blogs head into the War Room to pick for their respective teams. Day 1 went pretty good with really only one pick (Brady Quinn) going higher than expected. You could argue that Ted Ginn went a bit high, but Minnesota needs a threat in that offense. Joe Thomas slipped a bit and Marshawn Lynch could go a bit higher in the actual draft.

Good times though. Keep the comments coming, and Round 2 is underway in our parent’s basement (You should really see the Ladies… blog in their underwear. A sight to see.)

Join us after the jump for the rest of the 1st Round picks starting at Noon. Sooze from Babes Love Baseball and the Pack are on the clock!

(View the First Round Results here.)

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Oh my god, you can’t say “s***” on the board. It gets changed to “nuts.”

I nuts my pants
You like the Cardinals??? No nuts!
Nuts happens
I’m having a nutty day- Lady Andrea from Ladies…

With the 16th pick in the AwfulAnnouncingSuperFancyMockNFLDraft, Sooze and the Pack select….

Marshawn Lynch RB Cal.

No explanation needed really. Ahman’s gone. The Packers suck. Lynch is tough. They need a running back. The end.

Who’s on the clock, please?- Chip Ramsey

That’d be Sports Show On Mute with the 17th selection.- Sooze

Thank you, sir!- Chip Ramsey
My bad, ma’am!- Chip Ramsey

You’re welcome, Cap’n!- Sooze

SSOM is picking for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I think their biggest weaknesses was a lack of a proper state of mind. They need to be focused. Someone needs to scare the shit out of them. In which case the best pick is 6’9″ offensive tackle and, by the look of his name, possible mafia enforcer, Jason Cappizzi out of Indiana (Pa.).- Digital Headbutt

With the 17th Pick in the AA Mock Draft The Jacksonville Jaguars and Sports Show on Mute select:

S Reggie Nelson from The University Of Florida!

If he had been taken I would have taken Leak as the Jaguars feel that drafting a “winner” is the most important thing. Nelson will replace Dean Grant who defected to Seattle as a Free Agent.

The Biggest problem is that according to the WWL Nelson has a mental problem. He does not learn and retain the defensive system very well. But because he didn’t tank the Wonderlic the Jaguars feel like he can be a great, intelligent player.

No witty commentary? this is shocking.- Sports Show on Mute

I think the problem with the Jags drafting “winners” is that anyone who puts on those hideous teal uniforms is, by definition, a loser.- East Coast Bias

Oh C’mon now. Teal is new Blue. What else would explain the Pistons 4-5 year Teal run?- Sports Show on Mute

With the 18th Pick The Bengals (on the behalf of Larry Brown Sports and the Cincy Police Department) need some beef up front on the defensive line…we would like to select…

Justin Harrell DT Tennessee

Who the f— is Justin Harrell?- Digital Headbutt

One of my darling Vawls consigned to Cincy? *sigh*….- Holly from Ladies…

Mr. Commissioner, with the 19th pick in the 2007 Sports Bloggers draft, the Tennessee Titans, Chipshots, Butkus D. Dogg, Coach Jeff Fisher, The Ghost of Floyd Reece, Bud Adams’ multi-colored hair and Pacman Jones’ posse select….

Jarvis Moss, Defensive End, University of Florida.

The Titans are somewhat thin at this position and need a real bull rusher here. Although Moss really didn’t arrive until last year, he has speed and moves and will thrive in Jeff Fisher’s defense.

The last time the Titans drafted a Florida defensive end in the first round it worked out pretty well. Some guy named Kearse as I recall.

Damn you. There went my contingency pick. Better hit the mock drafts again….- Signal to Noise

Despite how uncomfortable I am with Seubert starting at Left Tackle, the New York Giants and Yelling Louder, at number 20, select….

Alan Branch, DT-Michigan.

As much as the Giants’ offensive line blows, their defensive line blows more. And Branch is better than any O-Lineman available. Signal to Noise, you are on the clock.

The Broncos and Signal To Noise are up next. I have to think that defensive front seven is the priority. I’m thinking Patrick Willis, because 1) Denver just released their Pro Bowl middle LB Al Wilson, and 2) nearly all of the good defensive lineman are off the board. If S2N MUST pick a DL, my suggest Kareem Brown, Quinn Pitcock, Lamar Woodley, or Tim Crowder. And I base my suggestions on absolutely no reason.- Digital Headbutt

I think Mike (DH) is angling for Mel Kiper’s job. Get video of each pick playing in college, and you have the job.- Extra P

With the 21st pick in the Sports Bloggers Mock Live Draft, the Denver Broncos and Signal To Noise select:

Michael Griffin, Safety, University of Texas.

My logic: all good D-linemen at first round level are off the board, we have enough of a linebacking core to replace Al Wilson, and Old Man Lynch is going to need a replacement soon. With Dre Bly and Champ Bailey forming the cornerback team, teams are going to want to throw to a slot receiver, and you need a good safety to help with that.

WBRS Sports Blog and the Dallas Cowboys are now on the clock.

DHB, where’s the Mel Kiper, Jr. “5 Best Available” feature? And where do you see Dwan “Repete” Smith DE Hoover High School going in the draft? Will he fall out of the first round?- ECB

With the 22nd pick in the 2007 Sports Bloggers Draft, WBRS Sports Blog, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys select….

Patrick Willis, Linebacker, Mississippi.

We, the Dallas Cowboys, have had a very active offseason filling two major holes (Leonard Davis and Ken Hamlin) in a team that was a mere botched field goal away from advancing to the NFC Divisional round. With the 22nd pick in the draft we were hoping to select a safety, linebacker, defensive lineman, or wide receiver. Shocked that Carolina, Buffalo, or New York did not select him, the inside linebacker Willis literally fell into our lap at pick 22 and we believe he can and will serve as an elite NFL linebacker for years to come.

New defensive-minded Head Coach Wade Phillips began salivating at the mouth as Willis continued to drop and we grabbed at the opportunity to draft arguably the most coveted linebacker in this year’s draft class. Willis will be expected to contribute immediately in Phillips’ 3-4 defense. With a solid outside linebacker crew in DeMarcus Ware, Greg Ellis and Bobby Carpenter, the University of Mississippi alum will quickly progress into the inside linebacker rotation, one which struggled at times last season not only rushing the passer but also in coverage.

If Patrick Willis is unavailable at pick 22 in the real draft, don’t be surprised to see the Cowboys go after WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU. Both Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn will be 33 years old this season, so the Cowboys could view Bowe as a guy who can mature into an elite receiver as Glenn and Owens age over the next season or two. Bowe has the physical tools to be a great NFL wideout.

Very good pick. I am also shocked that Willis fell this far, that Pittsburgh passed on him as well. I was going to pick a linebacker, and it came down to Willis and Posluszny. In my mind Poz had proven himself more in high-stakes situations, and for that I picked him over Willis, but just barely.- Digital Headbutt

Wow, I just got back from watching a kid’s movie with my son, so I need this.

Robert Meachem – WR, Tennessee

Herm loves a big WR to take the heat off of LJ.

I was looking at four primary positions to start out here: QB, WR, OG, and DT. After realizing that the current QBs can hand off to Larry Johnson just as well as or better than the remaining rookies, I dropped QBs from consideration. At OG, I was basically looking for someone to back up the aging pro bowlers KC sports, and I decided that could wait until the second round. That left me with WR and DT.

For the man who brought you the Porn Name All Americans,this poses a very difficult choice. Do I pick the best talent on the board, Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe? I mean, that’s a horrible porn name, but the current roster of KC receivers make it entirely too easy to stack the defense against the run, so we need someone like him. On the other hand, Herm is a Defensive coach, and Ryan Sims is officially a big, fat bust (sorry, Mike). Michigan’s massive tackle Alan “Hung Like A” Branch was the obvious choice to satisfy all of my criteria, but he was “snaked” from me by the New York Giants and Yelling Louder.

I can only urge my second-round compatriot to take a long look at the likes of WRs Steve Breaston (Michigan), Marcel Love (Oregon State), or Charlie Spiller (Alcorn State). Also of interest might be Cory Niblock (OG, Florida State), and Quinn Pitthingy (DT, Ohio State). If this season is as up-and-down as last season, I’m going to need to hear Al MIchaels say “Pitthingy, bullrushing up the middle” to get through it with my sanity intact.

Now THAT is funny – the (message-board automatic) censors even censored Pit-cock’s name.- Extra P

With the 24th pick in the 2007 Sports Bloggers Draft, One More Dying Quail and the Pats select….

Darrelle Revis, defensive back, Pittsburgh.

Honestly, my first choice was Boise State running back Ian Johnson, simply because I enjoyed the idea of the Patriots picking him simply so Bill Belichick and Tom Brady could compete to see who would get a shot at Crissy Popadics.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Johnson declared for this year’s draft, so I had to move on to Plan B: University of New Hampshire wide receiver David Ball, who broke Jerry Rice’s 1-AA record for career touchdown catches last season. Ball has good speed, good hands and is a native New Englander, so he’s a perfect fit, but the Patriots had to go and fuck up my plan by signing every wide receiver on the free agent market. I’m pretty sure they’re bringing Irving Fryar and Stanley Morgan to training camp this year. It’s silly to take Ball at this point, but if I had a second round pick…

So Revis it is. I guess it’s an okay choice, if you’re one of those people who think the Patriots need help in the secondary.

With the 25th pick, the N.Y. Jets and Metschick select:

Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas

“Considering their need of an upgrade at cornerback, Houston should be on the Jets’ short list of prospects in this scenario. Different teams have differing opinions regarding Houston’s value. Although he certainly has room to improve in regards to his technique and overall run-support skills, Houston is blessed with outstanding speed, athleticism and upper-body strength. “

If the above looks familiar, it’s because it’s on ESPN’s mock draft. What, they can rip material from bloggers all the time, but we can’t do the same??

The Jets have lots of holes, and their pick isn’t high enough to get what they really need: an impact QB.

And because it’s not a Jets pick without booing Jets fans:

Metschick: way to give ’em a taste of their own medicine.- Digital Headbutt

Ooooh, it’s finally my turn! E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles! I’ll get to work right now.- RUTS

If I had to choose a weakness the Eagles can address at this point, it would probably be WR. The Dwaynes (Jarrett and Bowe) are still on the board.- Digital Headbutt

I thought that the Eagles’ biggest weakness was their fans. Wait, no, I’m thinking of Phillies fans.- Metschick from Ladies…

The Eagles aren’t completely lacking at any particular position other than linebacker and strong safety, where the mind-numbingly bad Sean Considine routinely blew coverages and missed tackles in the second half of last season. They acquired Takeo Spikes to augment a deplorable linebacking corps and added Montae Reagor at defensive tackle.

They eventually have to pick up a replacement for FS Brian Dawkins, but unfortunately, the safeties I was hoping would be around at this point (Reggie Nelson and Michael Griffin) are off the board. The Eagles are firm believers in the theory of “you can’t have enough good offensive linemen”, so that’s always a possibility. A wide receiver would be nice — Hank Baskett, Kevin Curtis, and Reggie Brown don’t exactly strike fear in anyone — but I’d be amazed if the Eagles went that route in the first round.

The candidates:

LSU WR Dwayne Bowe or USC WR Dwayne Jarrett — Size and agility, and the pass-happy Eagles can always use another target.

Florida State LB Lawrence Timmons — Seems to be the guy who has dropped the most in our draft, as he was projected to be a mid-round pick by just about all of the major sports sites.

Central Michigan OT Joe Staley — A left tackle, he’s generally considered to be a good value at this point, and one look at the Eagles’ depth chart makes this a good option: William (Tra) Thomas has been battling various injuries for the last few years and Jon Runyan is ready for retirement. However, Philly drafted LT Winston Justice last year in the second round.

I know how the Eagles operate, so this pick will never actually happen. They view wide receivers and linebackers as interchangeable parts, while coveting cornerbacks along with offensive and defensive linemen. Still, I’m in charge, and the safety I want isn’t on the board, so the Philadelphia Eagles and RUTS select…

Lawrence Timmons, OLB, Florida State.

That’s right. Even with a rehabilitated Takeo Spikes, the Eagles’ linebackers are Spikes, a hobbling Jeremiah Trotter, and Omar Gaither. All NFL teams are thin at various positions, but Philly is dangerously thin at linebacker.

Timmons is the most versatile, highly-rated linebacker left on the board, and he can immediately provide help in pass rushing situations. I’d expect the Birds to take a cornerback, offensive tackle, or safety in the actual first round, and possibly pick up a guy like Penn State OLB Tim Shaw in the third round to help at that position.

Guess who wins the longest post award….- AA

Timmons is a good pick because he was too talented to fall this far. But I take it you think Dhani Jones sucks too much for you to even acknowledge his existence, RUTS.- Digital Headbutt

You’re surprisingly close. I assumed we already cut him, but he’s still on the roster.- RUTS

Aw, I love Philly fans. I really do. Where else can a 2-month old Baby Mets get booed for the unmentionable sin of wearing blue & orange?- Metschick from Ladies…

(Texas Gal from Ladies… chimes in from vacation.)

The Saints need help on defense, especially the secondary and most especially at the cornerback position. So, I’m gonna close my eyes and make a wish that my number one CB pick (Aaron Ross, Texas) is still available in the #27 slot. Geaux Saints!

And he is! With the 27th Pick The Saints and Texas Gal from Ladies… select….

Aaron Ross, CB- Texas

I thought maybe you were going to use this pick to talk Jeff Samardzija out of the whole “baseball” thing…stranger things have happened in a draft.- Digital Headbutt

Bottom line: Tedy Bruschi is actually going to retire at some point. It’s better to acknowledge this now before we suddenly find a hole in the middle of our defense. This is why MMP and the Pats are taking….

BRANDON SILER, LB, FLORIDA. The time to groom the understudy is now.

He’s the number one ILB on my board; at 6-2 with a 4.59 time in the 40, he combines NFL size with great speed. He’ll be able to contribute right away, but more importantly, he’ll have a chance to learn from one of the greats before he’s forced to step into the role full-time.

A much more serious assessment than I imagined.- AA

Wouldn’t it be more fitting to take Brandon Merriweather(sp?) as a project to learn under Harrison? Plus if anyone’s going to keep him out of trouble it’s Rodney. Basically I didn’t want to see one of my Gators become a Patriot like all of those receivers have. And the above was my best reasoning for it. Horrible reasoning at that.- Sports Show on Mute

Alright, since ECB’s resident Ravens fan (J-Red) is apparently still sleeping, I guess I’ll submit the pick. As a Steelers fan, I’m tempted to have the Ravens draft Chris Redman again, but I won’t.

With the 29th pick, the Baltimore Ravens select….

Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan

Baltimore lost Tony Pashos and Edwin Mulitalo in the off-season, and Jon Ogden doesn’t have too many more good years left in him. They really need to beef up the offensive line in the draft, especially with a quarterback who may have to use a Rascal to get around in the backfield after he takes a few hits this year.

Other players considered were Justin Blalock (Texas) and Ben Grubbs (Auburn). The scouting report I read on Staley said he was a converted tight end and that he was explosive. For some reason those two things made me think of diarrhea, which is a good metaphor for my feelings about the Ravens, so the pick fits.

Just like real life, the Ravens got to patiently wait while someone slid down the draft board to them. Ogden may retire this offseason, and if he doesn’t he’ll almost certainly retire next offseason. The Ravens don’t have a lot of holes, but OL depth is probably the major concern going into this year after the departures Brien mentioned.

Luckily no one in the AFC North can generate any pass rush. However, the Ravens do face Shawne Merriman and Freeney this year.- East Coast Bias

With the 30th Pick in the Draft The Chargers and The Hater Nation select….

Pete Carroll, Coach, USC

This move clearly addresses the Chargers biggest weakness seeing that the club does not have a head coach right now. Instead, the Chargers have an offensive coordinator parading as a coach. This move will…

Wait, what, you can’t draft a coach? Fine.

With the 30th Pick in the Draft the Chargers select….

Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC

The Chargers have needs at wide receiver and safety, a position that has risen to prominence in NFL circles over the past couple of years. Brandon Meriweather was my choice in the FanHouse Mock Draft, but will take Jarrett here (he was taken by the Chiefs in the FanHouse draft). The Chargers already have some big, rangy receivers, but Jarrett is a legitimate playmaker who is going to become very important to the Chargers this season. Why, you ask? Norv Turner has a propensity for ignoring his best players on offense. He did it in Washington and he did it in Oakland where he pretty much ended Randy Moss’ career. So the need for offensive playmakers is more compelling than defensive players because Turner is obviously going to ignore LaDainian Tomlinson.

I like that pick. Jarrett torched just about every defense he faced last season. He’s the guy I would have drafted for the 49ers if we were 5-8 spots lower in the draft.- The Fans Attic

Thanks. I can’t believe teams are going to pass on him because of his 40 time. That doesn’t make sense.- The Hater Nation

With the 31th Pick in the Draft, Lion in Oil and the Bears Select….

John Beason, LB, UMiami

The Bears could use an upgrade at linebacker with the (overrated) Lance Briggs situation and Hunter Hillenmeyer. With Timmons and Siler off the board, Beason is the top dog currently on the board at that position. OL and RB are other areas the Bears could go at, but there will likely be good opitions at both positions when the Bears draft again early in Round 2.

Holly is up next and clearly scrolling through bios looking for the best looking dude.- Shot To Nothing

I think she should choose whoever would get along the best with Peyton Manning in a commercial.- Digital Headbutt

The departure of Montae Reagor and the injuries to Dwight Freeney have left Indy with concerns about the front seven, but don’t overlook the gaping hole left by the departure of corner Nick Harper to the Titans. (Harper’s wife is rumored to be in talks to star in a reality show with Pacman Jones, working title: The Nashville Predators. With the 32nd pick, the Indianapolis Colts and Holly from Ladies… select….

DB Jonathan Wade (Tennessee).

Wade’s time on the Tennessee track team earns him a speed edge, and his Rocky Top pedigree earns him my undying devotion.

So there you have it….the first round is done, and tomorrow we move onto round two. I want to thank everyone who was involved in this round, and be prepared for your grades tomorrow.