More videos….YAY! This is from last Saturday’s SNL, and while it’s not very funny (in fact it sucks) I feel obligated to post it. Jeremy Piven (who will be all over the sports world soon with some TNT All-Star Game commercials) is Jim Nantz and the “Hey Babe!” Guy is Phil Simms. Enjoy….if you enjoy SNL and things that suck.

Nancy’s actual response, “Man, there is a resemblance…I finally found my long lost twin.”

“Piven has always been one of my favorite guys – I’ve rooted for him as an actor since he gave that great best-man speech in `Serendipity.’ His character in that movie talking a mile a minute reminded me of the many high-intensity folks I work with in television. All in all I was honored, and hopefully I can track down Jeremy and say thanks.”

Seren-F’ing-Dipity Jim? Come on.

Nantz’s Wish: To hug it out with actor Piven (Daily News)