Are you ready for it? (I don’t think you are.)

Are you prepared the amount of hype that is going to be drilled into your brain? (Nope….I’m pretty sure you’re not.)

Are you all set to embark on a ride of everything football for the next 7 days? (In fact I know you’re not ready.)

Are you equipped to handle Bears versus Colts for the next 7 days/168 Hours/10,080 Minutes/604,800 Seconds? (Nah…no way.)

Do you know how I know? Because it’s just too much for one human being……

The Stats and Info…….

  • Between ESPN and The NFL Network they will span 190 hours of Super Bowl programming.
  • The NFL Network will carry EVERY press conference.
  • ESPN accounts for 90 hours of that 190, and they will originate from 12th and Ocean Drive in South Beach.
  • Mike and Mike, Cold Pizza, and SportsCenter will all be live from Miami.
  • 55 of The NFL Network’s 100 hours will be live programming.
  • Warren Sapp will be a special correspondent for the NFL-N (Shoot Me Now!).
  • Wednesday through Friday the NFL-N will try to have a live show from 12-5:30…..with no actual game highlights.
  • The Best Damn Sports Show Period will be taping live every day from 2-4pm. The Guest List- Monday: Don Shula, Hines Ward; Tuesday: Jimmy Johnson, Mike Ditka; Wednesday: Chad Johnson, Jim Kelly; Thursday: Joe Montana; Friday: John Elway, Donovan McNabb.
  • CBS will then be on hand to clean up all the mess in a day long preview….making the gametime seem further and further away than it is.
  • And personally my favorite stat of all…………

ESPN will deploy 23 Announcers (loose term for “talking heads”)…….AND THEY’RE NOT EVEN CALLING THE GAME!!!

Absolutely insane….Add to this the coverage every sports website, your local television coverage, late-night talk shows, and any other wacky/zany entity that’s sure to ask a stupid question on Media Day…..and that’s your Super Bowl week.

Just like every other blog and/or legitimate website I’ll be ridiculously busy throwing information in your face, and I hope you enjoy at least 1/10th of it.

You’ll get announcer/studio host reports all week and even zany stories like a hot girl goes on Ebay to sell herself to get tickets…..You can’t tailgate at the Super Bowl…..wait what?!?!

From reader Scott……CBS-Miami

“There is no tailgating allowed in the Dolphin Stadium parking lots,” Sue Jaquez, a member of the Super Bowl XLI Host Committee, confirmed on Tuesday. “And there is no tailgating anywhere within a one-mile radius of the stadium.” “And there are no RVs allowed.”

Tailgating is permitted during regular- and post-season games for Dolphins fans, a team official on Tuesday said it would indeed be allowed at the Super Bowl. According to Jaquez, however, the official has been seriously misinformed.

The Dolphins do not organize and oversee the Super Bowl, Jaquez pointed out. Instead, those duties are left up to NFL officials. And because of security reasons, no pre-game partying on (or very near) the premises will take place. Fans spotted tailgating could face charges, Jaquez said.

“This is part of the NFL, not the Dolphins,” Jaquez said. “If the Dolphins are saying there’s tailgating — or think it’s going to be allowed — then they need to contact the NFL.”

Well then….thanks bitch. Either way it will be a fun week. Thursday will be especially Rad with my appearance on Sports Bloggers Live (much more to come on this), and a Live-Blog from Sam T that night of the Duke-UVA game on ESPN.

Hopefully I’ll see you on the other end of this mess.

***Update***- Sorry forgot to mention something…..I’m not going to be live-blogging the event because I think of this day as a holiday. But for some reason the good folks at IFilm have given me the exclusive right (or they asked a ton of blogs) to put up the commercials that will be aired during the SB.

I should have the vids of each (good) ad that runs within 40 minutes of their airing. But please……do something fun…..go out…….and view them drunk when you get home.