Okay….buckle down…..this might be a long afternoon. An unknown emailer tipped me off on where to find the pregame and game transcripts for each week. Basically I’m in heaven tearing through all of these.

Part 1- NFL Today Pregame History (you can really skip this post)
Part 2- 2007 Highlights and Lowlights
Part 3- Breakdown of the Pregame Team

To be completely honest…..I don’t even have the slightest clue on how to grade the Pregame Shows for the networks. I don’t really like any of them. They all have some bright spots, but each one has that one person that just grates on your nerves (For me…FOX- Jimmy Johnson, ESPN- Irvin/Berman, CBS- see below). If there was a gun to my head I’d choose to watch FOX, but that’s slowly changed because of JB moving over to CBS. I think JB is the best in the business…..who really cares if says the word “indeed” 250 times in an hour.

Anywho….I digress….onto The NFL Today on CBS…..

Unlike now…..my go to Pregame show when I was younger was CBS. I hated the AFC growing up, but I would always watch the pregame on the Eye. I could stand (not anymore) Brent Musburger, and Irv Cross was the man. They added Jimmy The Greek, and I began placing wagers on the line with my Pops. Good times.

CBS was in the middle of “jumping the shark” when I started watching though. They had apparently just finished going all ESPN on the show. They randomly had hired Miss America Phyliss George to add some spice to the show, but luckily she was gone before I was able to understand television.

(CBS had the dubious honor of being the channel that had the Away NFC Team games, which worked out perfect for me when the Skins were on the road.)

Well after they botched that….CBS denied Musburger and my boy Irv contracts, and moved onto Terry Bradshaw and Greg Gumbel. After that they had a 4 year hiatus…..picked up the AFC contract in 97, and that’s when I changed the channel. It wasn’t until Nantz came on to do the Pregame that I started watching again.

Just to turn it off again when Deion came aboard. I couldn’t stand how he called people “my man”, and the interviews he did were just crap. I loved that Boomer Esiason hated him, but that wouldn’t get me to watch. Dan, Boomer, and Nantz were good, but I just can’t stand Sanders.

After that crapfest Nantz went into the booth and Gumbel came out. Somehow they thought it would be a great idea to hire Shannon Sharpe…..I doubly didn’t watch then.

Onto this year. I was perfectly happy to not watch CBS again, but they pulled off the Announcing move of the 2000s. They got James Brown to come over from FOX. If they could only get rid of Shannon somehow I’d watch every week.

I really only watch now for the site. I mainly stay on FOX, but switch over if Terry starts rambling.

So that’s your my timeline. That was enjoyable right? To tell you the truth I have no idea how that’s relevant, but F it….I spent 30 minutes writing that shiz I mind as well post it.