Good evening folks. S2N and I decided to switch up our live-blogging duties for this weekend, so I hope you’re not mad that you get me (AA) tonight. As it turns out we’ll both be covering our favorite teams, but I’ll try not to be too much of a homer tonight.

See you after the Dolphins-Pats game around 7:30ish for a night of Holiday Cheer and a celebration of a game with playoff implications (I think this is the first one I’ve got this year).

Drop what you’re doing right now! The finale of Duel is on!!! Just kidding. The highlight of the pregame was a hilarious look at an old Chris Collinsworth commercial where he tries to pick up a girl with his Super Bowl ring. From the one the Bengals lost. That’ll be up tomorrow.

Can somebody please explain to me the reason for the existence of that stripe on Peter King’s head? (Via Anon)

I’m not entirely too sure. It’s like Rasheed Wallace’s white spot. There’s our girl Queen Latifah in her Skins jersey it’s time to do this thing…..

Hi Al! Umm, NBC….you can get rid of the letterbox and go widescreen anytime now.

“I like Joe Gibbs in these situations.”- John Madden

That makes one of us. Skins get the ball first and we’re underway….Cartwright gets it out just past the 20, and ARE does his best Ron Burgundy impression. Incomplete pass on first down to Moss. Play action to Sellers only gets a few and it’s 3rd and long….Incomplete….Skins punt and that was not a good series…..

Fair catch by Moore at the Vikings 37. Skins load the box with 8 defenders and Purple Jesus doesn’t get much. Play action…..

PICKED OFF!!!!!! SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! And he returns it all the way to the Vikings 10 yard line. Al also give us our first Sex Boat mention of the day as well.

False start penalty takes it back to the 13. Shovel pass to Portis and he almost gets in….2nd and Goal from the 2. A pitch to Portis looses yards and that’s a killer. 3rd and Goal from the 6….Pass to Moss and he is just outside of the endzone….good call by the refs. Skins go for it on 4th and an inch…..

TOUCHDOWN REDSKINS!!!! Mike Sellers up the gut for six…..

7-0. WiathBrad Childress is challenging the call….Overturned and it appears to be a good call. There wasn’t a whole lot to overturn it.


2-0 SKINS!

“They could challenge this as well.”- Al Michaels on the Safety

Umm actually I don’t think they can. Don’t you only one challenge a half?

“And Childress won’t challenge this.”- Al Michaels

He can’t dammit! Can someone please tell him that.

Free kick to ARE gets it out past the 30. Portis gets a few on the pitch and that Vikings run defense is huge. Turnovers are going to win this thing. Portis again for 4 and it’s 3rd and short…..Caught…..first down on the hook to Caldwell.

Portis cuts back for seven yards and takes it into Vikings territory. EJ Henderson is down and that’s a timeout. 2nd and 3 and the Skins try to run it at Pat Williams. Nothing. 3rd and 4…..Collins to Caldwell again. Great route there…Caldwell just turned Griffin inside out.

TOUCHDOWN REDSKINS!!! Collins to Cooley and he was WIDE open. No one near him……

9-0 Skins.

Todd Collins floats every single pass but somehow he’s completing them.

“The return of Reche Caldwell’s crazy eyes this game has everything” (Via Anon)

“When you and I went kayaking earlier we never knew it would turn into a day like this.”- Al Michaels

Man Dates! Nice. FUUMMMMMMMMMBLE! Allison drops the kickoff after he got it out to the 40. Vikings somehow recover. First down Minnesota.

Flex Game is Tenn-Indy for Week 17. Peterson nowhere on first down and the Skins snuff out a screen on 2nd down to AP as well. 3rd and 11….Williamson with the catch but that’s a yard short. Vikings punt….

ARE goes nowhere and it’ll be the Skins ball at their own 8 yard line. Portis for 3 on first down and Sellers gets a yard on 2nd down. Both runs up the middle for nothing. Pat Williams lumbers to the sidelines for 3rd and 6……FUMBLE! Collins recovers it though. Skins to punt….

Moore with a nice return on the play but there’s a flag down. Illegal block in the back will give the Vikes the ball at the Skins 48. Jackson to Ferguson and that goes for about 9. Or a first down…..Peterson gets about a yard on first down from the 37. Chester Taylor picks up 5 or 6 on 2nd down and it’ll be 3rd and 4…..False start on Herrera and that moves it to 3rd and 8…..Caught by Williamson…..NO! It bounced in there. Long FG attempt from Longwell…..


Collins dumps to Portis and he pulls off a nice run and a first down. That’s the end of the first quarter.

“In case you forgot, Eli Manning is unstoppable.”- S2N

How could we ever forget? Portis with a nice run on first down for 8 and he follows it up with another yard up the middle. Pat Williams is there again. 3rd and 1…..Collins sneaks….first down at the Minny 32.

Blitz on first down and Collins goes down. EJ Henderson on the sack. A screen goes to Portis and he gets the yardage back. 3rd and 10…..Draw to Betts and that goes nowhere. Suisham to attempt at a 51 yarder……

Botched snap and Frost just dropped the spot. 1st Down Vikings…..I didn’t think he was making that anyway. Don’t know why you don’t punt there. Peterson goes for a yard on first down, and the Skins middle is holding as good as the Vikings so far. 2nd and 9. Jackson throws behind Ferguson but he makes a nice catch in Skins territory at the 45. First down.

FUMBLE!!!!!! Shiancoe drops it while trying to make a move and Gholston falls on it for the Skins. 1st down Washington.

Whoa there’s a new Knight Rider coming out? That’s awesome.

Collins to Cooley is batted down by Darren Sharper. 2nd and 10…..Vikes blitz but Collins gets the ball to ARE for about 4. 3rd and 6 from the 45….another blitz and it’s incomplete to Cooley again. The Skins get nothing from the turnover and punt it away…..

Touchback. Williamson goes nowhere on first, and…..ANOTHER JACKSON INTERCEPTION! Shawn Springs picks off the floater at the Vikings 32. Collins to Moss is incomplete on first down……

TOUCHDOWN REDSKINS!!! Collins to Moss on a fade to the corner. McCauley played great D but didn’t finish and Moss just took it away from him……

16-0 Skins. 7:43 left.

Allison drops back in his endzone to field the kick and boots it out into the field of play. He grabs it and is taken down at the 11 yard line. First down Minnesota.

Peterson goes nowhere as Reed Doughty comes up to the line and takes him down. Put everyone in the box Skins…..they’re not throwing anymore. And right on cue Jackson hits Shiancoe for 4 yards. 3rd and 6….Slant to Williamson and that’s good for the first down.

Tavaris Jackson throws deep to nobody on first down and that pass falls incomplete. Peterson gets a yard on second down and it’ll be 3rd and long…..Jackson tries to run for it, but he’s a yard short. Vikings punt again.

Great punt and ARE runs around for no good reason. Skins ball at the 20. Collins to Randle El on first down. Portis gets the call on first and second on a run and a screen and it’ll be 3rd and 1….Sellers up the middle and that’s a first down. 2 minute warning.

Does one of these teams HAVE to make the playoffs? Really? Given how much the 5 and 6 seeds will suck, can’t we just call off the first round of the NFC playoffs? (Via S2N)

Even as a Skins fan I’d have to agree. I really don’t want to see them play the Bucs again. Collins to Moss for a huge gain but Moss went out of bounds and then caught the ball. 1st and 15 back at the Redskins’ 40. Screen to Betts and he’ll get a few of the penalty yards back. The Skins run the same exact play with Portis this time and he picks up the first down.

Collins calls timeout and I think this is the first time all season the Skins have had all three timeouts with a minute left. Collins to ARE picks up 13 or so and another first down at the Vikings 30. A screen to Sellers is incomplete and it’s 2nd and 10. Wow….great run there by Portis on the draw and he takes it all the way down to the 15 for another first down. Timeout Washington…..40 secs left.

PORTIS ON THE PITCH……THROWS IT! TOUCHDOWN REDSKINS!!!!! Randle-El gets it! They are using McCauley tonight……

Washington takes a timeout and will go for two. Cooley drops it over the middle…..


Draw to Chester Taylor and that should be the half and here come the boos…….See you in a new thread.