22 to zero Skins at the half and Peter King is calling as many coaches as he can to see who’s playing next week. Tony Dungy has said Manning is only playing a half.

When did Keith stop doing his “Worst Person in Football”? I haven’t seen one in weeks.

Allison takes the kickoff and has a huge return, but it’s a penalty on Vikings. Sellers is hurt and that looked very Kevin Everett-like. That didn’t look good. He was moving his legs around so he might have only been knocked out. And wow….he jogs off the field. That guy is a stud.

1st down Vikings from their 26. Peterson picks up 3 on first down but he follows with a great run on 2nd. He picks up 18 yards and is nailed by Shawn Springs. They run it with him again and he only gets a yard. Williamson picks up a fancy screen and it’ll be 3rd and 3 at the Skins 45……Pitch to Taylor and that’s short. 4th and 1 and the Vikes are going for it….

No way! Great stop as Peterson gets stuffed going up the middle. Redskins ball. Collins play actions and hits Sellers’ replacement Kozlowski for 5 yards. Portis losses a yard on second and it’s 3rd and 6…..Caught over the middle by ARE. A nice run after the catch gets it down to the Vikings 32.

Play action again on first down and there’s another 10+ yarder to Moss. First down. Betts up the middle for about seven to the 14. Betts again up the middle and it’ll be first and goal from the 4 for the Skins.

Portis goes up the middle to about the 1 yard line….2nd and Goal. Play action is incomplete as Cooley can’t get out of the weeds. 3rd and Goal…..False start on Alexander and that’ll drop it back to the 6…..

They try the Portis throw again and that’s not working. Dumb call there. 26 yard FG……

GOOD! 25-0 Skins.

“That photo of Chris Cooley is disturbing on so many levels.” (Via Anon)

My work is done.

Let’s see if they can keep Allison from returning it 40 yards this time. Hey! They did it. Vikings ball at the 23. Jackson has it batted down incomplete on first down but they swing it to Peterson on second and he gets 14. Good play there.

Jackson overthrows Williamson badly on first down and he’s going to throw another pick before this thing is done. Troy Will gets the attempt again, and again he has the first and momentum makes him lose it. 3rd and inches…..

“As we start to getting into double digit links that’s when I would look to my Running Back.”- John Madden
“Or scrambled eggs.”- Al Michaels

The Vikes pick up a first on a pitch to Chester Taylor and then try to go deep but it’s incomplete. Tony Richardson picks up the first on a screen thought. Godfrey is down for the Skins and that’s their last linebacker walking. That’s not good.

Jackson hits Bobby Wade for a nice gain and that’s immediately followed by a nice throw and catch to Ferguson. First and goal Vikes from the 2……

TOUCHDOWN VIKINGS!!! Jackson to Kleinsasser. They’re trying to make it interesting……

25-7 Skins.

Did anyone else here that scary voice over top of that shot of Adrian Peterson on the sidelines, or is the Devil telling me to burn things again? (Via Mark)

I thought that was just my TV….very scary. OH CRAP! Onside kick and the Vikings recover!!! Now they’re really making it interesting. Williamson picks up six or so on first down and Peterson drops it on second down. 3rd and 4….Jackson sacked! Why didn’t he just throw that away? He makes some horrible decisions. Vikings punt…..touchback.

“Where they head the 8 men, 9 men, and they got what they wanted….the backoff, and they threw to the backoff.”- John Madden

Caldwell gets the Collins pass on first down and picks up seven, which is followed by a Portis two yard run. 3rd and 1….Portis losses about 3 yards trying the middle. Skins punt but not until the 4th quarter starts. Put your 4s up.

Moore returns the punt to about the 40, but an unsportsmanlike penalty on James Thrash adds 15…..Vikings ball in Skins territory. On first down the screen goes to Taylor and he picks up a first. Ball at the 35.

Peterson pitches to Allison on the end around but that only nets a yard. Shiancoe gets the pass and picks up about 8. 3rd and short…..Jackson runs and gets the first, but there’s a flag on the play…..it’s on the Skins. First down.

Jackson to Wade picks up 9 to the 11 yard line….2nd and 1. First down as Wade gets it again…..first and goal Vikings at the 5. Incomplete on the fade to Ferguson on first and Chester Taylor losses a yard on 2nd down. 3rd and goal….

TOUCHDOWN VIKINGS! Tavaris Jackson up the middle and this is suddenly turning into a game…..

25-14….10 minutes left.

Cartwright takes it out to the 25…first down. Collins rolls out to the right and then pulls it down and smartly stays in bounds for 5 yards. A false start on 2nd down and that’ll make it 2nd and 11. Huuuuge catch on the sidelines by Moss and that was close. They try the quick snap to stop the challenge and they FUMBLE!!!

Minnesota ball and now Gibbs throws a challenge flag out there. Gibbs is testing that there were 12 men on the field. It’s overturned! 12 men on the field. Amazing…..and Childress is flipping out.

1st and 5 from their own 48. Portis picks up 4 yards on first and follows that with a nice 11 yarder for another first down. Betts picks up one yard to the Vikings 30…..7 minutes left. Caldwell gets 4 yards on the throw for Collins and it’ll be about 3rd and 5. Vikings call timeout.

Portis right up the gut and that’s a first down! 9 yards down to the twenty. Collins hits James Thrash on a slant for six yards………..

TOUCHDOWN REDSKINS!!!!! Clinton Portis on the pitch! He just broke Smith’s ankles on that one.

32-14 Skins.

5 minutes left and the kickoff goes short to Grigsby. Peterson was back to receive that one, so that was a hell of a move. Jackson throws it away on first down but Taylor picks up a first on the screen on 2nd. Jackson runs it for another first near midefield and then Taylor gets another screen for nine.

Peterson gets the first down to the 37 yard line of the Skins. Jackson to Williamson but that’ll come back as Troy went out of bounds before catching it. Tavaris to Shiancoe for a few and it’s 2nd and 9. Jackson again on the sneak and another first down and the Vikings spike the ball. 2:32 left.

Ferguson gets a first down and another spike for Jackson. Shawn Springs makes a nice hit on Ferguson and breaks up a pass and that’s followed by a fade to Allison…a flag is thrown on Smoot but that ball was in the stands. It’s ruled uncatchable. 4th and 10 and Landry destroys Jackson he just chucks it up in the air.

There’s a horrible call on Torrence though and an interference penalty puts it at the one……..

TOUCHDOWN VIKINGS! Jackson on the sneak and that drops the lead to 11 at the two minute warning…..

32-21 now.

The onside kick goes out of bounds and the Skins take the ball. A run by Portis losses a bunch of yards and the Vikings call timeout with 1:50 to go. Another run by Portis goes nowhere and the Vikings call their last timeout. Betts up the middle to the 30 and the clock runs. The Skins call timeout with 1:04 left. Frost punts down to the 5 and the Vikings will have a minute and a full field to travel.

Taylor on the screen for 8 yards, Jackson picks up the first on the run and the Vikings don’t even bother to spike it. That’s the game folks.

32-21 Redskins win. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Todd Collins looks in this offense and it’s the Cowboys at home for a trip to Seattle and the Playoffs. Great game if you’re a Skins fan. Videos and other goodness coming tomorrow.

I’ll see you for some Bowl Game live-blogs and I’ll be doing the Pats-Giants game next Saturday. Cheers!