Vince Young, making the rounds at an ATP men’s tennis tour stop in his hometown of Houston. I will be live-blogging this game while participating in EDSBS’ drinking game with the Independence Bowl. Wish me luck!

OK, here we go with John and Al, and let’s see how much Peyton is actually playing tonight. John’s talking about the “two games” tonight. Is that anything like John Edwards’ “Two Americas” speech or anything?

Colts kick it off, and the Titans will start deep in their own territory. VY hands it off to LenDale White, who garners 10+ yards on the first rush from scrimmage. White busts it again for another 15 and a first down at midfield. A small victory for the Colts early, they stop White after only two yards. VY hits Bo Scaife on third down for another first. Chris Brown barrels through for another 1st in Indy territory after a VY pass for eight on the previous play. VY is slinging it to Byron Ealey now. Another catch, this one by Justin Gage, and it’s first and goal.

Chris Brown barrels right in on first down for a touchdown, Titans. Kick is up and good, 7-0 Titans.

Not a good way for the Colts to start — like they care. Kicked off to T.J. Rushing, and he goes back to the 22 yard line, which is where we’ll say hello to Peyton Manning. Peyton hits Joseph Addai on the swing for eight yards. He then hits Reggie Wayne for a first down. Incomplete on the next play. 2nd down catch by Wayne gets a few yards. Manning to Wayne for another first down with extra yardage after the catch into Titans territory. Peyton to Clark, 3rd and 1, Peyton to Unpronounceable Receiver Not Marvin Harrison for another 1st. Wayne FUMBLES!!! on the swing out pass, and Tennessee’s got it back.

More rushing for the Titans on the start of this series. Chris Brown gets another first down on the second play.

“He gets that penetration, gets in the backfield.” – JM

VY looked really weird sliding on that bootleg out when there wasn’t any sort of pass available downfield. It’ll be 3rd and 12 here, and not enough on the play. 4th down, here comes the punt team. Indy brings the punt back to the 18.

JM: “That time Joseph Addai got what you call a real chip. That was chipping off a big, old hunk. It took Vandebosh right down.”
AM: “Put him in the woodchipper.” – via False Rumour Monger

Addai busts a big run past the 30 on the first play for 15 yards. Another one past the 35 for Addai, 2nd and 6 coming up. Peyton to Fletcher to close out the quarter. More Addai, more first down for the start of the second. Swing out to Wayne, which he doesn’t drop this time. Short of the first down. Another shortie to Wayne, and that’s a first down. Another pass to Wayne, another first down. Peyton is a machine right now.

“He’s big and strong and he’s physical.” – JM, talking about Titans defenders. Another 4-yard pass to Wayne. Addai gets stuffed on the next play, but 3rd and 16 at the Titans 19 is coming up. Manning’s arm gets smacked while throwing, and here comes Viniateri to kick a field goal. Kick is up and good, 7-3, Titans.

Really, NBC? Couldn’t you have gotten Don Henley’s original instead of the Ataris’ cover of “The Boys of Summer”?

VY gets it out to the tight end for 27 yards, and this Colts team is sucking on defense right now. One yard gain for Chris Brown. 3rd and six is caught by Gage across midfield for a first down. Vince Young just steps up and makes the big plays, people. Pass interference on a bomb thrown by VY against Marlin Jackson. Ball is loose on the next play inside the 10, and the Colts get the fumble recovery!!!


Is Al going to mention Cleveland everytime something exciting happens in the game? – Rick.

Yes. Yes he will. Sorgi, out to the fullback at the 14 yard line. He then hits Reggie Wayne for a first down, and now has the most receiving yards in the league. Another pass to Wayne to a first down, and “he learned this from Peyton Manning.” I bet he did, John. I think someone should name their band the Jim Sorgi Experience. An incompletion on 2nd, and the pass to Craphonso Thorpe is short of the first. Punt time. Returned to the 25, but will come back with a penalty flag.

3 and a half left in the first half, everyone. VY incomplete on 2nd down, and it’s stalling again. Incomplete on third down, and it’s another punt. A good punt return is negated by a block in the back. Sorgi at his own 30, and knocked down by the Titans. He then throws incomplete with a flag on the play — it’s on the Colts, and declined. Sorgi throws another incompletion, punt time.

“This has to be so agonizing for the Cleveland Browns right now.” – AM

2:13 left in the half. White gets nothing on first down, time for the 2 minute warning. VY’s 2nd down pass bounces off of Bo Scaife and lands in the arm of another Titans receiver somehow. John and Al are bored — they’re now talking about the Immaculate Reception for some reason. Another pass to Gage for a 1st down, and 1:42 and a first down at the Indy 41.

Sorry. Browser crashed. Tennessee punted again, and the half ran out. Titans, 7-3 at the half. I have to decide whether this is worth blogging the 2nd half.

“It used to be clipping on the return team, now it’s block in the back”-Madden
“I miss clipping”-Michaels – Via Sam

“There’s more Colt jerseys at a Colt game than any other stadium.”- John Madden – (Via AA)