So it’s the start of the third and the Awful GF said that she could build a better fire than me. I’ll let you know how it goes (because I know you care), but I’m an early 4-1 favorite.

Seriously….Joe…..the beatnik look has got to go.

4:54- PAM! I didn’t even know she was on this game. Grossman throws a ball into the heavens, and it’s incomplete… flag.

Bears punt, and Lewis breaks on! It’s coming back.

5:00- HOLY SHIZ!!!!! Reggie Bush on one hell of a play! Wow….that kid is ridiculous. That cutback was just nasty.

16-14 Bears. And this is a new game.

Troy Aikman calls Ricky Manning Jr….Danielle Manning for some reason.

Ball kicked out of bounds, but the Bears do nothing with the field position as Rexy overthrows another receiver.

said… Great play by Bush but why does he have to showboat? Didn’t he learn his lesson against Texas?

Great point. That dance was a little ridiculous.

5:08- Brees stands in there and picks up a first on a nice third down play. Just looked it up…..Brees has hit 8 different receivers. Deuce rumbles into Bears territory, and the DEUUUUUCE chants start in Chicago.

Brees lucky that pass wasn’t picked. I have a bad feeling about the Bears if they aren’t capitalizing on those opportunities. Billy Cundiff in for Carney on the kick…….

No Good.

5:18- Why in the world are the Bears throwing the ball? Rex can’t complete crap. This is some awful play calling. Grossman’s rating is 39. The Bears are so losing this game. Nice punt by Maynard. Saints ball at the five.

said… I’m on vacation in LA and I’m sitting here with my Aunt who is in love with him. I refused to high five her after the touchdown, and now she’s mad.

Cut her off for good Sean.

5:22- Intentional grounding! Safety. Brees just randomly throws a ball into the ground while in the endzone. That was obvious.


5:32- Missed a play or two there helping the Awful GF free her car from the trecherous snow…..but I’m back.

Bears ball as the snow falls pretty heavy now. Put Yo Fours Up!!!!