I know I’ve used this photo before, but I just love it too much to not use it again.

3:55- Cedric the Entertainer on a couple of runs, and he slips on the “soupy field”. Gould back out for another kick. Not sure why the Bears are only going with Benson in the first half. Goulet hits it through.

6-0 Chi-town

Signal to Noise said…I know it’s not Deadspin, but: yes, yes, yes, no.

Joe is going with the mock turtleneck for this one…..and all black at that. All he needs is some slippers and a pipe.

Where is Tony Siragusa?…….I’m extremely upset.

3:57- Saints go three and out again……and the Bears D is getting in a groove.

4:05- Troy and Joe comment on Benson being in the game about 15 minutes after I did. Grossman hits Clark on a pretty pass up the seam. 1st down.

Why do I feel another FG coming?

Grossman throws it away, and yes……another FG.


4:14- Eazy, Breesy, Beautiful……Brees picks up a first on a nice fake and run. A comedy pyramid on Saints’ lineman Stinchcomb begins in the household. Saints punt yet again.

“The Dangerous Devin Hester Awaits”- JB, Enough with the 12th Grade English Poetry submissions. Alliteration aside Buck…..I’ll take my chances in the tournament.

4:20- Thomas Jones gets a carry and picks up a first down. Good call on Benson Lovie. Another huge TJ run and the Bears a rolling down the field to another FG.

Chicago is inside the Ten, and the combo back of TJ and CB have over 100 yards. Run it three times in a row.

Touchdown Bears…….TJ on the score. Wow….he dominated the Saints on that drive.


Brees gets some time to throw the ball and hits Colston for a long gain, and then hits Henderson on the next play. There’s a minute left…..why are you calling a timeout there? Bad move.

False start on Stinchcomb and laughter insues.

Brees to Colston on a slant and a Saints score…….they’re still in this one America.

16-7 Bears.

That’ll be our score at the half. Break time…..see you in a few. Or wait….Grossman runs off the field and then throws a ball out of bounds. Lovie is a pretty bad game manager. Now they down the ball……that was odd.