We’re live from cold-ass Soldier Field. Welcome everyone…..let’s have some fun. It’s Buck…..It’s Aikman……It’s the NFC Championship Game

3:10- Saints ball and they come out throwing. 40 yard pass to Henderson from Brees. 3rd and long and the Chi Defense gets their first sack. Saints to punt. Is it just me or does Aikman talk to much?

“The Bears defense gives up the 40 yard pass to Henderson. They did bend…..they did not break”- JB, Let the douchebaggery begin!

3:15- Rexy starts off with an incompletion…..let the QB rating drop! Great play to avoid a sack by the Bears, but they will be punting it away. Maynard (from Tool) punts to Reggie Bush….he goes nowhere. And the commercials begin.

So let me set the scene for you. It’s me, the Awful GF, and the roommate. It’s snowing outside…..there’s a fire……there’s beer……there’s wings. Can things get any better than this…..I SUBMIT THAT THEY CANNOT!!!!

3:20- Terrance “Throwing” Copper picks up another first down for the Saints…..they look good. Hahahahaha….

“The conditions of the field makes it perfect for the Saints offense. They know where they’re going”- Aikman

…..and a Saints receiver falls on the next play. Good call on that on Troy.

Chris Meyers bring up the cleat comment to Buck…..I don’t think he’s amused.

FUMBLE!!!! And somehow the Saints get it back after a 40 yard loss. Hester gets a good return, and the Bears come out for their second possession.

3:27- Wow…..Grossman underthrows Berrian by about 10 yards and it’s almost picked. Grossman…..0-4. And a punt.

American Idol commercial……….GOOOD MORNING EVERY BODY!!!!!!!!!!

3:33- 3rd and Two, and the Saints take a timeout that leads to another damn commercial. “Changing cleats. Trying to get some kind of traction on this soupy field”- JB, seriously Joe…..just say it’s muddy.

Great move by Colston to try to pick up a first, but he just gets blasted by Chris Harris, and he coughs it up. Bears Ball.

3:37- Great field position for the Bears, and they come out with back to back Ced Benson runs. Reverse to Davis for a first down inside the redzone.

“Why are they the Bears? There are no Bears in Chicago.”- The Awful Girlfriend

I wait for a pick everytime Grossman goes back to throw. Benson doesn’t pick up a first down on a 3rd and short, and they look to be going for it. Timeout first for the measurement. And then a timeout from the Bears. I have a feeling Lovie is going to botch this one too.

The Bears pick up the first after trying to call timeout. The refs don’t see it. Rexy then misses a WIDE OPEN Desmond Clark for a certain score. He sucks……I’m sorry. Just run the ball every damn time Bears. Grossman gets his next pass batted down, and I think the Bears are going to kick it. That makes absolutely no sense after you just went for it from 4 yards back.

3-0 Bears.

Fumble on the kickoff, and there is no chance that Lewis wasn’t down. New Orleans will get the ball back.

…..or not. This thing is rigged. That is just a bad call….he lost it and grabbed it again.

“I just don’t think there was enough evidence to overturn it”- TA, No Troy….if that was the case the ref would have said so.

2nd Quarter forthcoming…….