Hi folks, S2N here. So, you probably are sitting through hours of Joe Buck saying stupid things (the whole fractions bit, again using a “home-run hitter” reference — this time on Devin Hester) plus Pam Oliver talking about ball security when it came to Rextasy the Sex Cannon. The game is a nail-biter (and looks like possible OT right now in the 4th with less than 2:00 to go), but let’s put the pre-game for the next one up now.

Points to keep in mind:
1) Andy Reid has temporarily stolen the “Playoff Choking Coach” label from Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer for now. Will Marty do something stupid late to take it back, like not letting Fantasy Jesus (aka LaDainian Tomlinson) dominate?
2) How will Philip Rivers do in his first postseason start?
3) A lot of experts are picking the Pats, and it’s hard not to when the combined Belichick-Brady playoff record with the team is 11-1.
4) Brady seems to be clicking with his patchwork quilt of wide receivers lately. Did anyone actually hear of Jabar Gaffney prior to the postseason?
5) Which RB will the Pats go to, Dillon or Maroney?

These are all the things to contemplate beforehand. See you in the first quarter thread, and if the ‘Hawks-Bears goes into OT, I’ll be leaning on the clicker too.

1:13 – Yup, Seahawks and Bears going to OT. (Sorry, I’m doing Pacific time stamps, folks).

One More Dying Quail said… “Good move Mike Holmgren: don’t even allow Hasselbeck near the middle of the field for the toss.”

Out of my head, you! Seahawks ball to start OT.

1:19 – Hawks punt, and it’s nowhere near Devin Hester, which is a very smart idea, no matter how badly he hit it (pretty bad, the Sex Cannon will have it at the Bears’ 34.)

1:21 – Rextasy cumslings to Rashied Davis for massive yardage, and we’re close to Robbie Gould’s range now. Rex gets out of the pocket and hurls it away, and we have a 50 yd try for Gould — up and good, and the Bears will host the Saints next Sunday; the Bears and Chi-town are going ape-shit. Meet you in the 1st quarter thread, folks.

One More Dying Quail said… “The Coin Toss Meeting I Would Have Liked To See:
Hasselbeck: We’re gonna take the ball, and we’re gonna score.
Grossman (snarling): I scored with your wife.
Hasselbeck: Now that crosses the line. I was merely engaging in some good-natured trash talk, in the spirit of the game–
Grossman: I banged your sister-in-law too.
Hasselbeck: …….. “

Oh, that’s good, but any true fan of the Sex Cannon knows he’d also have hit up Matt’s MILFy mom, too. No nubile young ladies within 100 miles of Soldier Field are safe tonight, as Rextasy feels like partying….