-They are finally done with the University of Florida lovefest that was the Florida-Arkansas game (we get it, they won a championship in basketball and football), with the Gators winning 79-72….and it’s time to head off to Madsion for the OSU/Wisconsin tip.

– And of course we have Dickie V, along with Dan Shulman playing liontamer to Vitale.We’ve already had one shot of Dickie V sucking up to Greg Oden at the shoot around. I’m sure there is more to come. I WOULD PUT EVERYTHING IN CAPS THAT VITALE SAYS TO STRESS HOW LOUD HE IS SAYING IT, BUT I JUST GOT A NEW LAPTOP AND DON’T WANT TO BREAK THE CAPS LOCK ALREADY!!!!

– Just for fun, I’m going to keep track of everytime Vitale somehow finds a way to mention Duke in this game. He’ll find a way. We’ll call it the Dukie-V count. Leave comments if I miss any

TJ said “It’s going to be tough for Dickie V to do this game with Oden’s balls in his mouth”. I wouldn’t be too concerned, except that I’m pretty sure Oden’s balls are much bigger than JJ Redick’s.

– Ohio State starts the game by missing 3 straight shots…. until Bulter just nailed one off the break. OSU’s 3’s will make or break them this game

– Appartnely, Ohio State only shoots 3 pointers, and as Shulman pointed out, all 6 shots have been 3s

– First Commerical break, still nothing form man child Greg Oden…

Wisconsin 7 Ohio State 6

-And we have our first Erin Andrews apperence, and she’s showing us what Greg Oden’s wrist band looks like. Dickie V continues to tell Erin, the Florida grad, that she needs to be celebrating the chmapionship

– As TJ pointed out, Wisconsin fans call themselves the “Grateful Red”. I guess “Red Sea ” was already in use.

– Back and forth game, with the Badgers up 12-11, still no touches for Greg Oden. It guess it goes agaisnt the OSU game plan of “let’s just launch some 3s tonight”

– Cook is finally off the bench for the Buckeyes, despite the fact he it their leading scorer. Yeah can’t really tell you why he’s on the bench

– Wow, A Wisconsin player just tapped Oden and they called a foul….the star treatment… and of course they now called foul on Oden. Should not the all of the Badger big men are on the bench right now.

– Dickie V actually makes a good point, there is no patience on wither team…it’s like both teams are playing hot potatoe. Still waiting for someone to make a run…

Wisconsin 12 Ohio State 11

– I swear to God someone better make a run soon, trading baskets is getting very boring

– Amazingly, the Dukie V count is still at 0. There is still time.

– Flowers drives to basket to give the Badgers a 16-11 lead, and Dickie V points out for the 4th time already how underarrted he and Kammeron Taylor are. This will happens approximitly 24 more times.

– And apparently it’s now Baseball Tonight staring Dickie V…. just so you know, he thinks Andre Dawson should be in the Hall. Just so you know.

– Oden seems to be good at one thing, drawing fouls…which is good because he hans’t done anything else. Speaking of doing nothing, where is Brian Butch?

-Ohio State has missed 11 straight shots… and Oden’s now got 2 fouls. Not good

Wisconsin 18 Ohio State 13

– Well thats not good, Erin Andrews just pointed out that Ohio State playersaddmitted were effected by the Florida crowd….I’d love to see fall apart in a tight finish at the Kohl Center

– I swear, all the points in this game have come fomr the foul line….we need some more Erin Andrews

– Ohio State finally scores a field goal, thier first in 8:30 mintues, and somehow they are only down 3

– Flowers and Taylors have 16 of Wisconsin’s points, I’l gald all the stars (Oden, Cook, Tucker, Butch) decided to show up

– Badger crowd not happy at a goal tending no call…. Lewis then takes it coast to coast to make it a 2 point game.

– Did Dickie just compare Michael Redd to Greg Oden?

– Tucker just airballed a free throw….I thought this was the Big Ten, not 6th grade CYO Basketball

Still no runs…

Wisconsin 26 Ohio State 21

-Everyone better be rooting for Tucker to be a star, or some kids will never get their Rec Center

– Ohio State is shooting 23% and still only trails by 5 , and where the hell is Erin Andrews….this game needs some excitment

– Tucker just misses two free throws, meaning some poor kids will never be getting their Rec Center

– Brian Butch, having a hard filling the shoes of past slow white Wisconsin centers…

– Dickie V just said the 3 point shot has revolutionalized college basketball…..yeah…..in like 1980….I think we are pretty used to 3s by now

– Tucker finally hits a driving lay-up to give the Badgers a 31-28 lead going into the half. I honestly have no clue how Ohio State is in this game despite hitting 20% of their shots

– Wow, Thad Matta is sweating like he just ran a marathon


Wisconsin 31 Ohio State 28