Chris Berman has the highlight of the night so far. After recapping yesterday’s games for 3 minutes he comes with this gem….

“Now for some Football news.”- Chris Berman leading into the Roy Williams suspension.

Really? Isn’t that all you EVER give us Berman??? Well that and the homerun derby.

13-6 at the start of the third….Vikings get the ball. Allison out to the thirteen. Peterson goes backwards on first down and Michele Tafoya’s report from Brad Childress confuses everyone. Jackson tries the slant, but Tillman jumps the play and drops the interception. 3rd and 11….pressure on the blitz but Jackson gets it away to Allison…..he only gets three though. Vikings punt…..

Hester back to his own 30. He’s got a return, but he jukes himself out and slips on the turf. Good field position for the Bears though.

That field position is immediately ruined by another Bears penalty. Peterson gets back near the original line of scrimmage. Pressure up the middle and Orton tosses it up in the air… he got blasted by EJ Henderson. Another blitz on third down and Orton throws it into the ground. Bears punt….

Somehow the returner missed the punt and another Vikings player picked it up and ran it out to the 50. God this game is sloppy.

“What we’re seeing is offense being set back about ten years with tonight’s play.”- Ron Jaworski

“Great penetration. I’m talking about 8 men in the box!”- Jaws (Via Hot Carl)

22 yard return is negated due to a fair catch signal and Urlacher runs untouched through the middle on first down. Sack. 2nd and 17…..Jackson to Wade for 9 and it’ll be 3rd and 8…..

JACKSON TO FERGUSON!!!! He could go all the way! No!!! Down at the one….71 yards. Ferguson ran through about 8 Bears on that play…..

TOUCHDOWN VIKINGS…..Purple Jesus on the One Yarder……

13-13 tie………….nevermind Longwell kicked the worst Extra Point I’ve ever seen. Horrible snap and he hooked it left……

13-12 Bears.

Hester gets the bounce at the 30 and goes nowhere. Orton goes back to throw, but is sacked as he holds onto it too long. Coverage sack there….Jaws agrees. Loss of seven. Peterson on the draw gets 4 of it back and it’ll be 3rd and 13….Vikings fans back in it…..Incomplete. Bears punt.

Game Leaders according to Yahoo! Game Channel:
J. McKie 1 Rush, 1 yd, I TD
R. Ferguson 2 Rec., 79 yds
(Via Hanrahan

Ugh. Vikings ball at their own 26. Jackson over the middle……

PICKED!!!!!!! McGown was right there. Bears ball at the Vikings’ 48. Run up the middle for nothing is followed by another run for a few. 3rd and 4. Screen to Hester and he’s not going anywhere. These are seriously two of the worst offenses I’ve ever seen. Bears punt…..and it’s horrible. 22 yards.

Peterson runs for two on first down, Peterson runs for zero on second down, and it’s third and long. Urlacher up the middle again!! Another sack. He’s about the only player trying tonight. Vikings punt.

Hester on the return…..picks up a few blocks down at the 50. 16 yard return. God he is amazing. Even when he doesn’t pick up a ton of yards it’s an adventure.

Orton is sacked on first down, but that’s negated by a holding penalty on the Vikings. First down….Peterson up the middle for a yard, but there’s another penalty! Unnecessary Roughness on a Chicago lineman and that’ll make it 2nd and 24. Orton to Peterson….breaks a tackle and gets back most of the yardage from the penalty. 3rd and 6…..

Peterson on the draw…..oooh close. About a half yard short. 4th down. Going for it. Play action!!!!! Wow….that was a horrible throw. McKie was wide open and Orton just missed him completely. Just run it.

“This is tough….I agree.”- Jaws to Kornheiser

Peterson gets loose! 15 yards on first down….great run. Vikings ball at midfield….Peterson again and he picks up 4, but inexplicably runs backwards and gains zippy. Taylor gets the ball on 2nd down and makes a few people miss. It’ll be 3rd and 1 when we start the 4th quarter.

13-12 Bears after three. Someone please end this game.

3rd and short and Peterson is stopped! The spot looks to be about a half yard short. Vikings are going for it. QB sneak gets it for the Vikes. 1st down at the Bears 39. Play Action to Bobby Wade gets another first down, and that was the easiest play I’ve ever seen….Jackson could have thrown that behind his back over the middle.

Peterson to the left picks up about seven. Jackson fakes the pitch to Peterson and runs an option the opposite direction. He takes it himself down to the five….first down. The Bears seemed to know the snap count and Peterson is swallowed up for a three yard loss. 2nd and goal from the 8….Charles Tillman is still down after a commercial break and that’s not good.

Back to the action….play action and Jackson is shoved out of bounds. And now he’s hurt. Here come Bollinger!!! 3rd and Goal. Timeout.

TOUCHDOWN VIKINGS!!! How the hell did that happen?!?!?! Bollinger completely messed up the handoff and somehow the rookie juked out the Bears D. Unbelievable. Vikings go for two……Bollinger sneaks it in!!!!!! What the hell?!?!

20-13 Vikings.

“Welcome to Monday Night Football where Kyle Orton and Brooks Bollinger are your Quarterbacks.”- Tony Kornheiser

Hester returns it out to almost midfield but a penalty is bringing it back. 1st down Bears….10:50 left. Play action and Garrett Wolfe makes a nice move to pick up nice. Wolfe again and that’s a first down. Orton hits Berrian for a first down and then follows it with another to Olsen. Bears ball at the Vikes 40….

Wolfe is still in….and they screen to him….incomplete. That didn’t work, so what do they do? Run the same play again….it’s like me in Madden. Wolfe goes nowhere. 3rd and 9……Timeout Bears.

Incomplete….Orton hit as he throws. Flag on the play….Intentional grounding??? No way. He had someone hanging on his leg. Bears punt……and it’s a great one. Downed at the two.

Tavaris Jackson comes back in. And just when everyone writes off Purple Jesus he rips off a 28 yarder. Peterson again for 2 yards….2nd and 8. Wade makes a catch for 7 and it’ll be 3rd and 1. Richardson picks up the first….5 minutes left.

If Ron Turner is French for “John Shoop,” then Lovie Smith is French for “Dave Wannstedt.” (Via PM)

Peterson loses two on first down. Jackson hits Dugans for no gain on a rollout and the Bears call timeout. 3rd and 10. Draw to Chester Taylor, and he almost picks up the first down. How the hell do you not see that coming? Just short. Jaws says punt….I say go for it.

“If this is inbounds they’re looking for a new punter.”- Ron Jaworski

Amen. The Vikings take the 5 yards and they’re kicking with 2:56 left. Hester at his own 15…..he picks it up on the bounce, but because of the rush he has zero blocking. Well here’s the game….as crappy as it’s been….

Orton to Olsen for about 5….clock is running. Muhammad makes a nice catch on the out as Gordon tried to make the pick…19 yards and he gets out of bounds. Orton to Hester for ten yards and that’s another first down at the 45…..2 minute warning.

Just in time for the two minute drill. From reader Kyle…..

I wish my high school gave out letters for this: Kyle Orton attended Southeast Polk High School in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, where he lettered in football, basketball, and tennis and gross moustaches.
-Kyle Orton’s wikipedia page.

1st and 10….Orton hit, and it’s incomplete. Orton goes deep to Berrian!!!!!! PICKED OFF BY SHARPER!!!!! Great play by the safety…..horrible throw by Orton who had Berrian breaking to the post and I hate the Bears.

Wow……what a crappy game. I think that was worse than the 3-0 Pittsburgh/Miami game. Anyway, thanks for joining me folks. You’re commenting is greatly appreciated. I’ll see you Thursday for either the Bowl Game or the Pittsburgh-St. Louis game. We’ll probably have a vote tomorrow.

20-13 Vikes win it.