Alternate Title: Kevin Youklis gets a blog.

Just to keep balance in the world I have to put up an anti-RedSox post. So Youk has a blog, and guess what….it’s just as amazing you would think it would be!!!

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve already proven I’m faster than Dustin but, who knows, maybe we can have a race for charity sometime. It couldn’t be during the season –- in case one of us ever tweaked a hamstring or something -– but maybe we could do it in the offseason. It would be fun.

Yeah, that would be fun. You can also name the blog! With 280 comments already in…you’ve got to compete with names like: Youk-Call-It, Youk’s Scoop, Youks Yackings, The Bearded Blog, and Greek God of Walks Talks.

All crap. You people are not a master of alliteration like myself….I would go with Youklis Yackin’ With Yocals about the Yanks.

(P.S.- Awful Announcing took me about 37 days to come up with)

Kevin Youklis’ Blog (