Now that they’ve gotten over the ineptitude for now, KC needs to put together another stop badly. Start the 4th off right, boys. Peyton should just hand it/dump if off to Addai; that’s been working. I’d like to note just how quiet Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison have been; credit to Law, Surtain, and the rest of the Chiefs secondary.

Dominic Rhodes is spelling Addai, and doing a good job of it again. Collinsworth notes things like defenders going off with cramps that I rarely hear Madden or any other color guy mention. These are actually good things to hear and know; I admit I rarely think of these things, but you’d think that color guys would, especially since so many of them are former players now. Colts at the KC 30, and they’re just keeping it with the Colt RBs — and wait, another long throw to Dallas Clark to the KC 10, as the KC D is wearing down enough to where Peyton can just sling it if he likes.

Addai on the ground hurt = NOT GOOD. And just minutes after I write about how quiet Wayne has been, Peyton hits him in the end zone. Defensive holding declined, kick good. 23-8, Colts.

KC is sticking with the LJ dump offs at their own 40, and Collinsworth is right to say that they’re in 4-down territory at this point. Herm and Dungy are even wearing the same damn sweater vest look. I can’t believe I didn’t see that earlier. Brothers from another mother, indeed. And Trent Green gets picked by Bob Sanders. Another score by Indy and this one’s done, folks.

One More Dying Quail said…”I don’t care what anyone says…There is no way this game can be better than the Lifetime movie my wife is currently making me watch. No way.”

I’m not going to try and persuade you otherwise, OMDQ; I’m a bad liar.

“Do you think Bill Belichick and Eric Mangini would be sitting down to dinner? I have a hard time picturing that.” – CC, cracking after talking about Herm, Dungy, and Lovie Smith going out to eat.

Sign #1 the game is probably over: they start showing old footage of Peyton. Colts are in clock-draining mode….Hunter Smith fumbles the snap! The Chiefs now have really good field position on the Colts 37, and naturally, Dwight Freeney eats Green alive AGAIN, then Booger Booker MacFarlane (CC’s been saying “Booger” all day) (I thought someone said his nickname was “Booker”; I’m a moron) gets to him. 4th down, Green in shotgun, throws it to Bennett for a first down, and it’s a bad hit by the Colt defender that gets the first.

Green sacked, fumbles, and Indy’s got it back. I’d say this is game over.

Tyjuan Hagler…WOW. Dante Hall just got…JACKED UP! Hall likes contact about as much as Deion Sanders, if not less. Green throws another pick to lock it up.

“I don’t think Kansas City’s wide receivers have caught a pass today.” Wrong, Collinsworth, Dante Hall is actually a wide receiver and Kennison caught one earlier, but it’s not a bad guess to make.

“You win this thing! You hear me?” – Herm to Dungy as the game ends. Colts, 23-8.

Thanks to AA for letting me live-blog this one and to you commenters, awful as the game was. It was fun. AA will be back tomorrow afternoon to live-blog the Jets and the Pats. And if you’re gonna watch the Dallas-Seattle game, go ahead and use the comments here as an open thread.

I say the Walrus takes the Gunt. Seattle, 24-20, but then again, I picked the Chiefs, so what do I know?