And the game begins with the Eagles kicking off, the Giants take over around their 26. Chris Meyers is reporting that Shockey is playing, in a limited role. Elisha and Tiki-it’s your move.

Ah, it’s not officialy a Giants game until there’s a pre snap penalty. Eli comes right back with a deep throw, and Plaxico Burres bails him out with a great catch for a first down into Eagles territory. Eli hits Barber with a screen to pick up a first down, but it’s wiped out with a holding penalty.

On 3rd and 1, Jared Lorenzen comes in and picks it up on a QB sneak. Tiki Barber follows it up with a First Down run of his own, and the Giants are really clicking on offense.

On the very next play, Manning hits Burress on a 17 yard pass play for a Giants TD. It’s 7-0 and the Eagles fans are silent. Feeley’s kickoff rolls towards the sideline, but Reno Mahe decides not to let it roll OB, and the Eagles start inside the 10. Let’s see how the Eagles respond.

Well, they don’t respond that great. Following a run into the line and an incomplete pass, the Giants sack Garcia at the 2 yard line, and somewhere, Jim Jones is smiling. After the punt, the Giants will start at midfield.

Two false start penalties sandwiched around an 8 yard gain by Shockey put the Giants in 3rd and long, and Eli throws it to nobody. After the 9 yard punt return, it’s Eagles ball at the 19.

After an incomplete pass and a short run by Westbrook, Garcia tries to scramble, but is hit short of the marker by Mathias Kiwanuka, who decides to hold on to him this time. Johnson’s punt rolls backward about 10 yards and the Giants start at their own 47.

FOX attempts to stay hip as they lead in with Wolfmother. Barber picks up a first down on a cutback. Manning’s 3rd down pass is tipped, so bring on Feagles again. David Tyree downs the ball in the air at the 2 yard line, giving him what seems like his only catch of the year.

The Eagles still can’t do anything on offense, as one of Garcia’s passes hits Sam Madison (of the Giants) right in the chest. Once again, the Giants will start with some great field position…and once again they don’t do anything with it. This time, Feagles’ punt is caught out of bounds at the 16.

The Eagles finally pick up a first down on a short pass to Westbrook. R.W. McQuarters drops na INT, as Joe notes how he hasn’t cut his hair since 1998. I note how little I care. The drop allows the Eagles to pick up another first down on the last play of the quarter.