Well there aren’t a lot of people around today (sitemeter tells me so….I hit refresh every 5 seconds), but those not here will miss out on this sweet announcer news. FOX Baseball might have a new team, TBS may get a HOFer, and ESPN has a new anchor.

FOX is in discussion with Eric Karros, Mark Grace, and Joe Girardi to place them as the #2 team behind Buck and McCarver.

Fox Sports has targeted Mark Grace and Eric Karros, along with the previously reported Joe Girardi, as potential analysts for its MLB coverage, sources have told NYP TV Sports.

This has to be the biggest collection of slightly above average MLB players in one place. Grace and Girardi could be okay, but I can’t stand Karros. Luckily I’m on the East Coast and the only games FOX shows here are Yankees-RedSox ones. And we all know that Buck wouldn’t pass up and opportunity to perpetuate that craptastic rivalry.

The HOFer in question is Cal Ripken. TBS is going after him hard, and with good reason. I’ve seen/heard Cal on local O’s broadcasts and he’s ten thousand times better than Jim Palmer.

Kenny Mayne recently got an extension and will be back on SportsCenter soon. The newest anchor though is Krystal Sage Steele from Mid-Atlantic Comcast. She’s most famous for getting into an on-air “verbal fight” with Ravens’ Coach Brian Billick, but she’s also very good at what she does.

Not to get all racial on you, but ESPN has finally made themselves look good after months of bad press. Hiring a female is one thing, but a black female is an especially good move for them from a PR standpoint. This isn’t to take anything away from Sage though…..I like her (and you don’t hear that from me that often).

(P.S.- The picture is from Comcast, which might explain the useless dots and arrows next to it)

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