I really have to be honest with everyone here. I don’t think Cold Pizza, er First Take is all that bad of a show. It seems like they’ve toned Skip Bayless down some and Marcellus Wiley is actually a very good analyst that should get a lot more airtime.

With that said, this morning’s episode is absolutely slaying me. If you haven’t watched it yet, or for some odd reason TIVO’d the show you have to watch the whole thing. Here’s what to watch for…..

– Dana Jacobsen trying to say “Romo made some game changing mistakes” and saying “Romo made some pretty gay…..game changing mistakes.”
– Jay Crawford coming back from break calling himself Dana Jacobsen.
– Dana Jacobsen laughing uncontrollably immediately afterwards.
– Skip Bayless saying that Baseball fans vote better than Football fans for the ASG/Pro Bowl because they look at the big picture when selecting “hitters and pitchers” (Fans don’t vote for Pitchers)
– Marcellus Wiley talking about the bill you rack up going to the Pro Bowl when taking “family members out of the Country for the first time.”

…..and my personal favorite. Sage Steele saying Sean Taylor’s posthumous vote into the Pro Bowl was humorous……


That was an unfortunate choice of words there.