ESPN 2 was carrying this past Saturday’s Busch Race and everything was going on swimmingly. That was until “human error” cause the network to lost it’s signal entirely during Lap #247. Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal….you apologize when you come back and go on with the race. Well there was one small problem at Bristol.

There’s only 250 laps for this race, and when the signal came back. The race was over…

Human error caused ESPN2 to lose its signal in the final laps of Friday’s Busch broadcast from Bristol and caused fans to miss the final two laps ESPN spokesman George McNeilly said.

“We sincerely apologize for briefly losing transmission due to human error and have taken steps to prevent this from happening again,” McNeilly said in a statement. “As soon as transmission was reestablished we apologized to viewers and replayed the last two laps of the race.”

Dagger. I wasn’t watching, but lucky for us someone from NASCAR Nation has created a 9-minute YouTube clip detailing the terrible coverage throughout the race. The dead air comes in at about the 7-minute mark, but the whole thing is pretty hilarious.

Blank Screen (Roanoke Times)