Over the weekend ESPN’s Sports Nation posted a poll on what result you would like to see happen to a Boston based team/athlete over the weekend. You had the Patriots losing, Johan Santana not being traded to the Red Sox, and of course Kevin Garnett blowing his knee out….wait, what???

Garnett, his mouth ajar in disbelief upon hearing about the poll after last night’s game, recovered long enough to say, “Wow, that’s really distasteful, man. Man, I mean, that’s my life, my career. You don’t joke about something like that.”

Garnett then leaned toward the nearest door – made of wood, naturally – and rapped his knuckles on it, before asking a team official to contact ESPN to register his dismay.

While the poll is pretty distasteful it comes at an odd time. Garnett just finished a commercial for Sports Center and had recently graced the cover of ESPN the Mag. I don’t know why for the life of them that they would pick on one of the most outgoing guys in the NBA, but I guess they know what they’re doing.

ESPN’s response via Boston Sports:
“Friday’s ESPN.com Page 2 poll used very poor judgment in its option about Kevin Garnett. The poll was removed immediately upon the senior editorial staff becoming aware, and we sincerely regret the error in judgment. We are addressing the issue and apologize to Kevin Garnett, to the Celtics organization and to those offended by the poll question. Obviously, we wish good health to all athletes.”


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