9:55 – Darryl Johnston with a nice little story about what a dick Terry Bradshaw was to him when he was ten years old, refusing to sign an autograph until his wife made him. Stories like that just warm your heart.

9:59 – And there goes Brian Westbrook – 62 yards for the touchdown, including five with a Saints player on his back. That didn’t take long – 21-13, Eagles.

10:01 – I’m not gonna lie: that “FUCK DA EAGLES” picture is open in a separate window on my browser, and I look at it whenever I need a smile. In fact…there. Now it’s my desktop.

10:05 – So it looks like the 62-7 game won’t be happening today (maybe in the late game tomorrow). Guess I have to wish for the next best thing: a 49-42 barnburner. Pray with me.

10:08 – “Hold on guys, we’re not going anywhere Jeff, hold on.” – sounded like some audio snuck in there somehow. Good stuff. Don’t worry, Jeff, I’m still here.

10:09 – Deuce McAllister and his offensive line make like Dominic Rhodes and shove the pile five full yards into the end zone. Impressive push there. Extra point is good and the Eagles lead is back to one, 21-20.

10:13 – Little trickery on the kickoff return helps the Eagles pick up a few extra yards. I forget who mentioned it during the early game, but there have been a LOT of laterals and similar plays today.

10:14 – What the-did that commercial just try to tell me it’s cool to work at McDonald’s? Because I have several years of experience that completely contradicts that particular sentiment.

10:15 – Signal to Noise said…RUTS – OMDQ’s doing the double shift today, and Sam T. and I are handling tomorrow’s games.

STN, this has been a long day, hasn’t it? Do you realize I’ve talked to you more than I’ve talked to my wife this afternoon/evening? At this point, I feel like Hansel during the walk-off in Zoolander – “Where am I? Where am I?”

10:18 – RUTS mentioned in the comments that the temperature in Denver is below zero. Somebody should really tell them about global warming out there.

10:19 – “Run Up The Score! said…This only begs the question, who will be the first to live blog a NLL game on Awful Announcing?”

It horrifies me to write these words, but wouldn’t the odds have to be on me? I mean, come on – this is the guy who did the Motor City AND GMAC Bowls, and I wouldn’t let the fact that I know nothing about lacrosse stop me. I’m gonna stop talking now – maybe sit the next few plays out.

10:23 – “Signal to Noise said…OMDQ – no, it’s not sad. I’m single. You win automatically. I’m headed to the bars later tonight.”

I envy you.

10:24 – A grown man named Billy? This is why I’m not sure about naming my first child William – I just know my wife would call him Willy and he’d have to live with that shit for the rest of his life. Just doesn’t seem right to call a thirty-year old man “Willy”.

10:28 – I love the way this referee signals the calls. He’s friggin’ definitive with it. He points, you know which side the penalty was on. I love it. Anyway, illegal contact penalty downfield on first and twenty, followed by Deuce McAllister breaking off a nice run.

10:30 – McAllister slides to the left, takes a short pass from Brees, and absolutely fakes Jeremiah Trotter out of his shoes to get into the end zone. Saints leapfrog back into the lead, 27-21.

10:32 – “This has been kind of a rag-tag franchise over the years.” – Stockton – no, Dick, this has been a fucking awful franchise over the years. There’s no other way to say it.

10:33 – Am I swearing a lot more as the day goes on? It feels like I’m swearing a lot more.

10:34 – I don’t care what happens in this game: it’s just nice to see two teams that actually look like they WANT TO WIN. Can’t the loser take the Colts’ place in the AFC Championship Game?

10:35 – And just like that, we’ve come to the end of the third quarter. Felt kinda quick, although it looks like I typed a lot. Let’s get together over in the fourth quarter thread and finish this bitch off, shall we?