6:12 – “Peyton Manning will put the ‘P’ in ‘patience’.” – Dierdorf – welcome back, Dan.

6:13 – Is it just me, or is halftime in the National Football League about five minutes long?

6:16 – Great play by Dallas Clark to hold onto the ball even after a huge hit by Ed Reed.

6:17 – “Dallas Clark is a quick healer.” – Dierdorf – apparently, Clark had a torn ACL that healed overnight.

6:20 – It’s crazy how far Indianapolis will go to have a white guy as the slot receiver. Brandon Stokley’s out for the year? Bring in Ricky Proehl. Proehl’s hurt? I think we’ve got a white tight end we can use. It’s a little disconcerting.

6:23 – “Signal to Noise said… Does anyone else think Armed and Famous is just a really, really bad idea? That and Rules of Engagement look like dirty bombs waiting to be unleashed on an unprepared populace (David Spade as single Lothario, right.) Better casting monkeys, please!”

Truer words might never have been spoken. Every time I have to see Spade do that stupid little shimmy on the commercials, I die a little inside.

6:24 – Oh, in case you missed it…Adam Vinatieri is still money. 12-3, Colts.

6:27 – I wish I could bring an NFL referee to work so he could make the announcements when people screw up.

6:29 – Great play by the Ravens to fake the kick, then keep the offense on the field. The Colts are down to one timeout, and we’re still in the third quarter. That could be important later.

6:35 – I would pay money to see the look on Peyton Manning’s face if the Colts win this game and the Patriots win tomorrow. I’m picturing it as a cross between “aw, fuck” and “oh, shit”.

6:36 – Things I learn from Yahoo! Sports: Adam Vinatieri has not kicked a regular season field goal of more than 50 yards since 2002.

6:41 – “If Baltimore had some stiff in there playing middle linebacker, they’d have a couple more interceptions today.” – Dierdorf

6:46 – I’m confused: illegal contact is a five yard penalty now, but in the first quarter, it wasn’t?

6:47 – “See now, the Ravens jerseys are pretty.” – my wife, who has decided that she is now “buddies” with Todd Heap.

6:48 – Do Brian Billick and Tony Dungy realize that their timeouts are not replenished at the end of the third quarter?

6:49 – “Putty is in that show.” – Gumbel – Dierdorf had no clue who this was, and rather than explain it, Gumbel decided to repeatedly say, “Putty” for about thirty seconds.

6:50 – Do you guys feel that? I think the energy level is going up in here.

6:51 – “If Baltimore wins, they instantly become Patriots fans so they can have that game back here.” – Dierdorf – I was going to say something snide about how it’s not that easy to just become a fan of a particular team, but yeah, it kinda is. You just have to hope there’s enough room on the bandwagon.

6:52 – And with that, the third quarter comes to a close – 12-3, Colts. See you in the fourth quarter thread.