5:17 – If you’re the type of person who loves it when teams trade field goals, this game might be the one for you.

5:18 – Okay, here’s my deal with Peyton Manning: he’s funny. I enjoy most of the commercials I see him in very much. But his agent needs to look up “overexposure” in the dictionary and take appropriate action to remedy his situation.

5:20 – I wonder if Matt Stover could kick Prince’s ass.

5:21 – The Ravens are eating Joseph Addai alive. If the Colts are going to take this game, it might rest on the shoulders of Peyton Manning…who, as I’m typing this, throws an interception to Ed Reed. Oops.

5:23 – Jamal Lewis has quick feet. Do I smell a “Dancing With The Stars” appearance circa 2010? (As a bonus, Dierdorf just misspoke and called Lewis “Jerome”. Somebody misses The Bus.)

5:24 – Two plays later, Dierdorf again mentions Lewis’ feet, then compares him to Bettis.

5:26 – Lewis is killing the Colts on this drive – until Indy put eight in the box on 2nd and goal and swallowed him up for a loss.

5:31 – McNair completes a pass down to the goal line. Unfortunately, he completed it to Antoine Bethea, who plays for the Colts. Good news for the Ravens, though, is that the ball is on the one, and the way this game is going, Baltimore will be picking up a safety fairly soon.

5:33 – “Couple of conservative calls on first and second down by the Colts.” – Dierdorf – the Colts started from their own one yard line, which is not the best time to get wild and crazy on offense.

5:35 – I give Rules of Engagement a month.

5:38 – “Take that, Vince Young.” – Dierdorf – Peyton Manning picked up seven yards on a scramble, so obviously he bears comparison to a quarterback who ran for over five hundred yards this season.

5:40 – “Signal to Noise said…Can we stop with the Manning-Unitas comparisons? I bet Johnny U. hates that, seeing as hates anything and everything related to Indy ever since Irsay’s Midnight Move.”

5:41 – “Manning throws it away.” – Gumbel – Manning completed a pass to Marvin Harrison on the play. To his credit, he made a point to mention that he blew the call.

5:45 – Vinatieri ties Gary Anderson for the most field goals in playoff history with a field goal off the crossbar. The man leads a charmed life. According to Dierdorf, he made it because it’s the postseason and he’s “money”.

5:52 – I have come to the conclusion that Signal to Noise and I are alone here.

5:54 – “Greg, let me ask you something – how much fun is it to sit down and talk to Joseph Addai?” – Dierdorf – there was 1:22 left in the first half and the Colts were driving when he said this. Why bother talking about the game when you can discuss the joy of interviewing Joseph Addai.

5:56 – Dierdorf blames Peyton Manning for missing a wide open Aaron Moorehead on a bomb near the goal line. I respectfully disagree – Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne drags the foot and makes that catch. It wasn’t a perfect throw, but it was a catchable one.

5:59 – “Signal to Noise said…OMDQ – moral support through sub-par games, sir.”

Keep this up and you might find yourself on my Christmas card list.

The Ravens got the ball back with about a minute to go and decided to call it a half, even though Dierdorf wanted them to make something happen.

At the half, the Colts are up 9-3. I’ll be around during halftime if anyone has any thoughts – otherwise, see you back in the third quarter thread.

6:02 – Hello, Sam Ryan. I don’t believe we’ve met.

6:07 – Sam Ryan’s Wikipedia page fails to adequately explain how one goes from “Denise Dombroski” to “Samantha Ryan”. It does tell us that she graduated from high school in 1987, which would make her about 37 or 38…that’s acceptable, methinks.

Signal to Noise said…Here’s the Wiki on Sam Ryan.I think she should have stuck with her birth name, but she’s still a candidate for a Big Picture “Would you do…” thread.”

I thought of mentioning The Big Picture earlier because of the recent interviews they’ve been doing with prominent bloggers, but this is a great topic as well. Be sure to check it out.