6:54 – My wife just changed the channel in the middle of the play. Not sure what was more disturbing: that she did it at all, or that I knew that “Ghost” was playing on the channel she changed it to.

6:56 – Matt Stover and Adam Vinatieri are firmly locked in an “anything you can do, I can do better” conflict. Field goal is good: 12-6, Indy.

6:57 – “Hi, I’m John Ryder. Mind giving me a ride?” If anyone says these words to you – ever – run away.

6:58 – Jonathan Ogden is still pissed about a holding penalty they called on him during the last drive, and letting the referee know about it.

7:00 – The crab from the Honda Element commercials makes an appearance. Apparently he is sponsoring this game. That makes me happy.

7:03 – The Colts rushed to the line and quick-snapped the ball, but you cannot fool Ed Reed with such trickery.

7:07 – Jesus, another interception. Does either offense have any interest in winning this game?

7:10 – “Signal to Noise said… Sexy Rexy will have a weight lifted, because he clearly won’t be the worst quarterback of the weekend, the way this game is going.”

Clearly, STN, you do not appreciate the enigma that is Rex Grossman. This is the same guy who, in the last game he played, completed more passes to the opposing team than his own players.

7:13 – That Jim Mora “Playoffs” commercial will never get old.

7:20 – So, is Brian Billick still an offensive genius, or can we finally put that label to rest?

7:21 – Time is starting to get short for the Ravens, especially with their lack of timeouts. Less than four minutes to play, one TO left, down a touchdown – time for the defense to put up or shut up.

7:24 – And…they don’t – Manning with a great throw and Clark with a great catch for a first down. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

7:26 – Rhodes up the middle for no gain to bring up another huge third down play.

7:27 – And he converts again, stretching the ball for the first down. Baltimore’s defense is starting to struggle at the worst possible time. It might be stating the obvious, but they really need a turnover right now.

7:30 – Bet the Ravens wish they had all three timeouts right about now.

7:30 – I’m tempted to just give this game to the Colts right now, but given the way these playoffs have gone, that would be a not-so-good idea.

7:32 – The kick is up, the kick is good. 15-6 Colts – Ballgame.

7:35 – So let’s recap: coming into the playoffs, the Colts were supposed to have one of the worst defenses of any playoff team in NFL history. They have since allowed fourteen points in two games, including just one touchdown. I don’t care who wins in San Diego tomorrow – the AFC Championship Game is going to be a friggin’ battle.

7:38 – The Colts and Ravens are done, but One More Dying Quail isn’t – still got four more quarters of football coming for you with the live blog of the Iggles-Saints extravaganza on FOX. That one is slated to get underway in about twenty minutes, so we’ll kick things off on a new thread in about twenty minutes.

(One last thing: according to Tony Dungy, Adam Vinatieri is “Money…money…money.”)