Hey there, y’all. Extrapolater here.

I’m going to break my liveblog cherry tonight, and AA assures me that you’ll be gentle.

OK, he said no such thing.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to tonight’s game. I love games like this – two powerhouse schools from the same conference, with oodles of the inbreeding that entails, going toe-to-toe. There’s no way this matchup can live up to the expectations that the old Ostertag/Big Country duels used to generate, but I can guarantee a 100% reduction in the number of buckteeth and buzzcuts. And a much, much lower Body Mass Index.

OSU’s key player is Junior Guard JamesOn Curry (right), who comes into this top-ten matchup averaging nearly 20 points per game. He’s joined in the backcourt by the sophmore from Dallas, Byron EatOn. The well-traveled F/C Mario Boggan lights up the frontcourt with frequent double-doubles.

For Kansas, the big name is BrandOn Rush. The junior is kid brother to JaRon and Kareem, and fortunately for the Jayhawks, he shows much of the family slashing and shooting ability, and none of the tendency to get drunk, or play pro ball in Lithuania. If you’ve never watched Kansas play before, keep an eye on Julian Wright (left). He manhandled Florida and makes at least one jaw-dropping play per game.

Oh, and the incest I mentioned earlier? Kansas coach Bill Self played and assistant coached at OSU before he dragged himself up the coaching ladder the old-fashioned way, from Oral Roberts to Tulsa to Illinois to Kansas. In contrast, OSU rookie coach Sean Sutton inherited a plum job from his dad, Eddie, after playing and assistant coaching for him. Something just bugs me about this hereditary succession of head coaching gigs. It just kind of feels like a guy should have to prove himself to earn a job this good.

Final note – tonight’s game is at Allen Fieldhouse, so the Jayhawks have an edge in that respect. All else is pretty damn equal.
Well, enough prattling on. I’ll leave you be for an hour, and then we can get it (James)On!