Big day of Bowl Game action today. I’ll be out making the Holiday Party rounds today, so I’ll miss most of the days action. I plan on TIVOing our friend Pam and the others, but I’d greatly appreciate it if you could throw some gems in the comments. Have a great Saturday folks! Bowl
1:00 PM ET, December 22, 2007
Legion Field , Birmingham , AL

Weather: High of 62 Degrees and Cloudy
Spread: Cincy -11, O/U 55
AA’s Pick: Cincy -11 (Record 2-0)
Announcers: Pam Ward, Ray Bentley (ESPN2)

Team Leaders

Southen Miss Passing: Young- 53.1%, 1342 Yards, 9 TDs, 5 Ints
Cincy Passing: Mauk- 61.4%, 2787 Yards, 27 TDs, 6 Ints

Southen Miss Rushing: Fletcher- 266 Carries, 1431 Yards, 5.4 avg, 15 TDs
Cincy Rushing: Benton- 99 Carries, 499 Yards, 5.0 avg, 2 TDs

Southen Miss Receiving: Magee- 42 Catches, 617 Yards, 14.7 avg, 3 TDs
Cincy Receiving: Barnett- 60 Catches, 845 Yards, 14.1 avg, 13 TD

New Mexico Bowl

4:30 PM ET, December 22, 2007
University Stadium, Albuquerque, NM

Weather: 40 Degrees and Partly Cloudy
Spread: New Mexico -3, O/U 57
AA’s Pick: A game I’d normally stay away from, but if I have to choose take the home team…..New Mexico -3
Announcers: Dave Barnett, Rod Gilmore (ESPN)

Team Leaders

Nevada Passing: Kaepernick- 55.6%, 2038 Yards, 19 TDs, 3 Ints
New Mexico Passing: Porterie- 58.6%, 2652 Yards, 13 TDs, 8 Ints

Nevada Rushing: Lippincott- 257 Carries, 1380 Yards, 5.4 avg, 15 TDs
New MexicoRushing: Ferguson- 292 Carries, 1177 Yards, 4.0 avg, 13 TDs

Nevada Receiving: Mitchell- 47 Catches, 1033 Yards, 22.0 avg, 8 TDs
New Mexico Receiving: Smith- 86 Catches, 1039 Yards, 12.1 avg, 3 TDs

Las Vegas Bowl
8:00 PM ET, December 22, 2007
Sam Boyd Stadium , Las Vegas , NV

Weather: 47 Degrees and Sunny
Spread: BYU -7, O/U 46
AA’s Pick: BYU, I’ve vowed to never pick UCLA ever again in any sport
Announcers: Brad Nessler, Bob Griese, Paul Maguire (ESPN)

Team Leaders

UCLA Passing: Olson- 48.3%, 1040 Yards, 7 TDs, 6 INTs
BYU Passing: Hall- 60.1%, 3617 Yards, 24 TDs, 12 TDs

UCLA Rushing: Bell- 142 Carries, 795 Yards, 5.6 avg, 5 TDs
BYU Rushing: Unga- 227 Carries, 1211 Yards, 5.3 avg, 13 TDs

UCLA Receiving: Breazell – 47 Catches, 766 Yards, 16.3 avg, 3 TDs
BYU Receiving: Collie- 50 Catches, 839 Yards, 16.8 avg, 6 TD

“Without hesitancy- hesit… hesita… hesi… hesitancy, he said yes.”- Pam Ward (Via Chase)

“Sumrall gave him a chest full of head and something.”- Dave Sims (Via Rick James Bible Owner)

“The defender reached around and pulled on Young.”- Dave Sims (Via Rick James Bible Owner)

“You know the game find Waldo”- Rod Gilmore (Via Ryan)

“The BYU players, with their Mormon faith — reminds me of one joke I heard: they bring a Bible with the Ten Commandments and a 10 dollar bill, and they don’t break either one.” – Paul Maguire (Via S2N

“Tomorrow, the Boise State Broncos play the East Carolina Parrots….Parrots? I meant Pirates.”- Brad Nessler (Via Rick James Bible Owner)

Thanks to everyone who paid attention to the games in my absence. I greatly appreciate it.