I was pretty resigned to the fact that we weren’t going to get any more Pam Ward action the rest of the year. It was a sad moment for me when the MAC Championship game came to an end and don’t even bring up Chris Spielman’s appearance on the sidelines for the Big XII game. I got pretty choked up there.

But alas, it appears we have at least one more opportunity to see both Pam and Chris in action! Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the announcers for the Semifinals of College Football’s Championship Subdivision (1AA Playoffs)……

Friday, December 7th- Richmond vs. Appalachian State, ESPN2 8pm
Play by Play: Sean McDonough
Analyst: Chris Spielman

Saturday, December 8th- Delaware vs. Southern Illinois, ESPN 4pm
Play by Play: Pam Ward
Analyst: Ray Bentley

Huzzah ESPN! I don’t know if you plan to use them for any Bowl Games, but for one weekend you have made me happy. Christmas has indeed come early. For your next trick I would like you to pair them together for the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsetta Bowl.