Mentioned this a few weeks back but ESPN is airing a program which centers around the best thing they do and that’s their “This Is SportsCenter” commercials. The hour long show will air December 11th, and here’s some of what you can expect.

ESPN released the whole video on their media site, and here’s one of the three new commercials the “Leader” has put together for SportsCenter. Ladies and Gentleman….The Leaked Richard Simmons Commercial….

Hilarious, and while we’ve all seen the commercials I have to say that the hour long program is pretty awesome in its own right. If you’ve got a minute or two take some of the program in. There are also two other new spots for you to check and of course Charley Steiner’s “Follow me…..Follow me to Freedom!”. Classic.

ESPN To Air A One-Hour Special To Pat Their Own Back (Awful Announcing)