Wow that was pretty bad…..Here’s what I learned 1) The AL will always triumph, because the NL is dumb. (I hope at least a few of you get that reference) 2) All-Star players looove to hit into double plays and ground ball outs of various nature. 3) Michael Young was apparently the AL Batting Champ last year. Was Ichiro dead? 4) The MVP wins a Chevy Avalanche? When Tejada won last year he got a corvette. If I was Michael Young I’d be pissed. And most important……

5) I’ve figured out Joe Buck and Tim McCarver:

Here’s the thing….Joe Buck isn’t all that bad as an announcer. He knows light-years more than Tim McCarver, and he is genuinely into the game. It’s the “Disgusting Act” thing that put him over-the-top. McCarver is a different story. He’s a complete dolt, and just makes things up as he goes.

You know this going in, and that’s fun to make fun of. You can have McCarver’isms all day long and just shake your head at him, but it’s when they get together that makes me want to cut my ears off. There’s just something about the combination that just grates at the nerves and makes you physically want to harm someone or something.

With Berman you have ridiculousness, With Stephen A. you have over the top yelling, With Theisman/McCarver/Hubie Brown you have Idiocy, and with Bill Walton you have disdain. It’s a very easy formula and you know what to look for going in. But with JB and Timmy Mc it’s a different story. Joe Buck’s smarmy attitude (which he obviously didn’t get from his dad) combined with McCarver’s utter ignorance of everything Baseball (funny, because he used to be a player and a pretty good one) mesh together and create something so God Awful you have to change the channel. Looking around the web today here are some of the comments I’ve found:

  • The funniest thing about Joe Buck is that he ACTS like he knows people don’t like him, in order to achieve the cheap self-deprecation laughs- PostmanE (from Deadspin)
  • Thankfully we only had to endure Joe Buck for the telecast and not any asinine hotel commercials.- filthyfowl (from Deadspin)
  • Jamie said…The plane will be a little lighter… fucking IDIOT I HATE YOUGO SLAMALAMA DING DONG YOURSELF YOU FUCK (From the Comments)
  • Andy Mac said… Imagine if you were not a baseball fan and stumbled upon one of those Holiday Inn commercials by accident. It would be almost as disturbing for them as it is for us. WTF. (From the Comments)
  • I do not know what happened until the 9th inning after these events, because the middle of the game doctors were trying to remove the various long, dull objects that I was ramming into my ears.- GA Hill (From Deadspin)

You get the idea….

For some ridiculous reason the stations that broadcast the All-Star Games, Championships, etc. have decided to put the worst collection of Announcers together for the most important games. While great ones like John Miller, Marv Albert, Bob Costas, Al Michaels (did last years SB, but not this years), Gus Johnson, etc. get passed over because the “Flagship” Announcing team already HAS to be in place. Like mixing and matching would be a crime.

Just to give you a better sense of how far downhill we’ve gone in every major sport here are the Announcers now and who the teams were when I was younger.

Baseball (ASG, and WS):
Current: Joe Buck and Tim McCarver 1995: Bob Costas and Al Michaels

Football (SuperBowl, tough because of the rotating schedule):
CBS- Current: Jim Nantz and Phil Simms 1992: Pat Summerall and John Madden
NBC- Current: John Madden and Al Michaels 1998: Dick Enberg, Phil Simms, Paul Maguire
ABC- 2005: Al Michaels and John Madden 1999: Al Michaels and Boomer Esiason

Basketball (NBA Finals):
Current: Mike Breen and Hubie Brown 2002: Marv Albert, Bill Walton, Steve Jones

There is only one case where I see an improvement and that’s in NBC’s Football Broadcast team. And they only real reason there’s a change because ABC dropped out of the SuperBowl rotation and Michaels and Madden jumped to NBC. I’m sure if ABC still had M&M, NBC would trot out a ragtag Announcing team of Don Meredith and Melissa Stark….and Bob Costas as a sideline reporter…..but I digress.

I guess the conclusion is that no other Annoucning Troupe brings out pure hatred like these two. And now, with the recent Fox Announcement, combined with Joe’s arm around McCarver and the incesant cackling as they went off air….we now know they will be with us for 7 more years.

But hey, I guess the bright side is that I have something and someone to write about for the next seven years.

Some comments used from the article at Deadspin here.