You don’t like me and I don’t like you…..let’s just get this over with. I need somewhere to write and this is the only place that would have me. Feel free to bash if you wish hypocrites….doesn’t bother me a bit.

Did you enjoy the World Series? Good, because I thought it was dreadful. The St. Louis Cardinals deserved to win this as much as Woody Paige deserves a job on television. Unlike your Awful Writer for this site I think David Eckstein is the worst player this side of A League of Their Own.

You may remember when I said, “Willie Mays’ catch in the 1954 World Series? It stunk! He was clearly out of position before the pitch- a clear sign that he was a loafer who didn’t take his defensive assignments seriously. He should’ve been booed and benched, not glorified and deified.”

Well I have more to add to that…..

Kirk Gibson’s homer……boring.

Magglio’s homer……weak.

Don Larsen’s perfect game…..a farce.

Kirby Puckett’s homer……tedious.

Bill Buckner’s error……conspiracy theory.

Carlton Fisk’s homer……foul.

Jack Morris’ 10-innings……vasoline.

Barry Bonds…..don’t get me started.

I could go on and on like I normally do but my “editor” is keeping me to a word limit. Let’s just put it this way……I would watch Hockey before I watched 10 minutes of this borefest. I even picked the Tigers to win the AL Wild Card at the beginning of the season and couldn’t watch this rubbish. So congrats St. Louis take your sham of a World Series victory and in enjoy it in the most crime ridden city in these United States.