The Big Lead has a story today of yet another talking head at ESPN screwing up, but this one seems worse than both the Lyons and Kinchen comments. Your culprit…..Mike Greenberg.

Greenberg was discussing the suspension yesterday of Guillermo Mota, the hard-throwing former Mets’ reliever, for violating MLB’s steroid policy. Mota is automatically subject to a fifty game suspension and issued a statement taking full responsibility for what he had done. Greenberg expressed shock that a modern athlete would simply accept responsibility for what he had done, and not try to make excuses for having failed a drug test. By contrast, Shawne Merriman and Rafael Palmeiro, for example, insisted that if they ingested banned substances, they did so unwittingly.

I heard this while driving my daughter to school, so I don’t have the full quote, but Greenberg did positively say that Mota “manned up” by coming clean, as opposed to all of these other athletes who “womaned down.”

The quote comes from the fabulous Sports Media Review. We at AA were watching the M&M show this morning, but weren’t lucky enough to catch the chauvinistic Greenberg in action. We instead got to hear Mark Schlereth talk about how he peed his pants in every game. Seriously, he said that.

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P.S.- The fact that this morning’s comments are already up at Wikipedia is kind of scary.