This is a grab bag collection of the Announcing Quotes last night. We’re still reeling from Delonte West using the power of herpes to lead the Celts to victory. We enjoyed Jon Barry again, and we’re are at the point where we can barely even listen to Mike Breen and Hubie Brown. They should not be calling Suns games that’s all I’m saying……maybe Spurs/Heat, but not the Suns.

Anywho….here we go…..

“During that possession San Antonio came out and play zone”- Hubie Brown, Read it again….then laugh.

“This is what this young guy Steve Nash gives the offense”- Hubie Brown, Steve Nash is 32 and has been in the league ten years. But I guess everyone is young to Father Time.

“Look for the press after this made free throw from Kobe….(No press)….Well, THEY’RE AFRAID OF DAN DIKAU!”- Trail Blazers color guy Mike Rice, Yep. Dan Dickau.

“Corliss Williams………….son”- Mike Tirico, A good 5 seconds passed before he remembered the end of Corliss’ name.

“I figured with all the rule changes and the new ball that they might enlist a designated free throw shooter. I’d stay in the hallway ride a bike and then do my thing…..then go back to the bike.”- Jon Barry, Hey they have it in baseball….who knows?

And the comment of the night:

“Boom you see that by Maryland the Rebound….Outlet…..and then they are right up your backside”- Jimmy Dykes

Whoa Jimmy…..whoa.