This Merrill Hoge thing had me chuckling at first. It was the beginning of the season and Vince Young hadn’t done anything yet. It was the perfect time to be a skeptic about Young and pile on. But now? Now you’re just sounding like a stubborn ass.

Sure the Titans run the ball. Travis Henry gets 70-90 yards in the first half….1 TD, and they’re still down 10 points. They head into the second half and they get down 13. Head into the 4th and the lead is back down to 10……all of a sudden Vince is playing like a madman. The lead is three…..but crap there’s only 3 minutes left. The defense finally wakes up and gets a stop. 2 minute drill time…..the Titans are trying for the tie. Umm, no they’re not….Vince drives them down the field with a combo of runs and passes. Titans win.

Just think for a second if Fisher hadn’t started the season with drunk-ass Kerry Collins under center. The Titans could be the fourth seed in the playoffs. Vince reminds me of two players actually…..the first is obvious…..John Elway. The second is a crossover of sports. Up until now there was one player that teams were terrified to face at the end of games. He is so clutch that people have solely kept track of his stats and late inning heroics. Well that one player is David Ortiz.

If I’m a defensive coordinator I do NOT want to face Vince during a two-minute drill. Your defense is tired, they are playing a pseudo prevent defense, and you’re scared. You’re scared to death. Hell, just ask the Texans’ Richard Smith, the Giants’ Tim Lewis, the Jags’ Mike Smith, the Bills’ Perry Fewell, the Colts’ Ron Meeks, the Skins’ Gregg Williams, and the Eagles’ Jim Johnson.

Forget the mechanics, forget the players on the team, and forget the coaches….Vince Young does it on his own. He wills one of the crappiest teams to win. He doesn’t have the defense that Elway had and he doesn’t have the protection in the lineup that Ortiz has.

Look….Merrill….Buddy. I understand you want to “stick to your guns”. But occasionally you’re just wrong (see AA- Jemele Hill. I wouldn’t say I like her, but she’s not as bad is I originally pegged). While I may be wrong occasionally (rarely)……if I’m ever THAT wrong, I will admit it. But no one is ever this blatantly wrong. It’s one thing to peg a rookie as a flash in the pan, but after he’s proven you wrong over, and over, and over, and over again…..just give it up. Every other ESPN talking head does so and no one remembers (I wish this wasn’t the case).

I think One More Dying Quail sums it up best by saying this.

“Whoever ultimately wins, one thing should certainly happen at ESPN: someone should take Merrill Hoge aside, tell him to stop letting whatever personal issues he has with Vince Young cloud his judgment, then teach him how to construct a reasonable argument.”

I agree, either admit you are wrong, or just move the hell on Merrill. Check out the video collection below.