Or that’s at least what Chris Berman wants us to think. We’re going with a quick CB post today because Thom “Who spells Tom with an H” Brennamen and Steve Lyons weren’t that bad in the night game. Yes, Steve Lyons said, “You throw a changeup that dives back into his happy zone” and they sometimes let replays go without talking about them….but hey, they aren’t Buck and McCarver.

(Fowler and Herbstreit on the Thursday NCAA game are pretty damn good. It’s a shame they have to do that traveling circus Gameday. Onto Berman…..)

In the same breath that he said the Padres “Are down to their last at bat” (it was the top of the 9th) he threw this gem out there….

“The witching hour is upon as at Petco”, Chris……it’s 657pm eastern standard. Stop with the metaphors…they don’t make sense

And as the Cardinals recorded the last out….(thanks to Zach)

Branyan … GONE! Padres … GONE! Cardinals … GONE! … to home!, Umm, yeah…grammar.

It never gets old with Berman. I think I watch more games now because of this site. The things he says are just uncanny…..he is a man among awful.