I don’t really have much to say about Soccer/Futbol. I just really wanted to post that title all day long….

I did actually get to sneak out of work and catch the excitement that was Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia. Here are my thoughts:

1. Soccer does the most amazing job of tricking you into thinking it’s exciting. For 3/4ths of the game nothing is happening and then a sub comes in and scores a goal in the 84th minute and people go nuts. I don’t understand it.

2. Al-Jaber (Jaw), who retired from the national team, then was brought back for qualifying, entered the game and apparently it’s a big deal. He has played in four World Cups and now has goals in three after scoring on his second touch of the game. Okay this was a pretty good goal, and would have been a great story but…….

3. Tunisia struck for the tie. Jaidi (Hiddy Hiddy Ho, or White), pushed up and was unmarked in front of the middle of the goal to head in a pass. Only in Soccer/Futbol can a team be so retarded that it leaves a defender un-defended (is that a word?) in the box.

4. It really doesn’t matter. Well to the people in their respective countries it might matter, but not to my Narrow-minded Americanized Self. Spain crushed the Urkraine 4-0, and neither of these teams can beat the Ukraine.

5. Germany rubs it in Poland’s face. Not only did they invade and thrash Poland in 1939, but they just beat them in an enthralling Group A match 1-0.

So basically I wasted a lunch break, sitting at a random bar by myself, watching a sport I hate……well I guess it beats actually working. I’m going to try to stomach watching Hockey tonight, and I’ll report back tomorrow….If I make it through.