We’re using the nickname the Leader has dubbed them to title this post. The Rookies are the aforementioned newest editions to ESPN’s NBA broadcasts. When they say something “Rookie Like” we (or our readers) will be there. First up…..ex-WNBA’er Becky Hammon.

From reader Ben:

I don’t know if you happened to tune into the WWL’s coverage of the Heat-Rockets last night since it was going on during the SNF game, but Becky Hammon did quite a job making a fool of herself. Just before halftime, Dwyane Wade had a nice putback of his own miss to put the Heat up by a few points, so she got a hold of him, and a camera caught a shot of her with Wade getting ready for the interview, so I kept it on to listen. The commentators turned it over to her for the actual interview, and the first thing she says is, “So Lebron…” It was all downhill from there. She corrected herself but didn’t actually apologize for calling him the wrong name. She then bumbled through trying to ask him about that last play with a question that made little to no sense, to which Wade gave a generic response (probably because he wasn’t quite sure what she was asking – neither was I). She got another shot during the second half to give another report, but again she was stumbling for words, and this time she didn’t even have the camera on her, so she could have been reading off a pad of paper for all I know. I was just waiting for her to say “Boom goes the dynamite!”

Dammit Becky….quit trying to distract us from making fun of you with that cute ass puppy.