I can only hope this is half as exciting as last night’s game. Let’s do a 6 OT game!

Should be starting right at 8, so see you then. Oh and here was the last relevant Bowl Game that Wake Forest was in…….and I’m not making a joke here.

7:54- I’m not trying to be a dick here, but I’ve seen that wheelchair band kid story about 7 times now. Great Story, but enough is enough.

7:57- So this game is supposed to start at 8 right? Well the Louisville band is just coming on the field now. See you at 9:15.

8:01- Chris Rose botches a lead in about seven times and then takes us to a graphic that shows the most famous Wake grad to be Brian Piccolo. Are you trying to make me cry Chris Rose??? If so…..go to hell.

8:03- Wake’s Band is now on the field. YES! See you for the game at 9:55. No offense BJ, but the Wake band sucks.

I just figured out the key to this game actually. I believe it’s going to be if Louisville is able to stop Chris Paul in transition

Too funny Juice…..too funny.

8:10- Dave and Jimmy say that Wake can’t keep up with Louisville’s offense….I like my pick even more…..

Harry Potter music takes us through the the lore that is the Naranja Bowl.

8:14- Famous Skinners……..BF, Brian, and my favorite……

And Now RILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:16- I have Great Expectations for this announcing team FYI. CeCe Winans on the anthem.

Roommate comment, “I wonder if that’s all she does now?”

I’m guessing yes. Beautiful anthem CeCe…..let’s start this thing!

Along with the Live-Blog venture we’re starting a movie review section of the site as well (not really). If you’d like to do movie reviews for us your first assignment is Alpha Dog starring JTLake.

I’m really not starting a movie section, but if you pay to see Alpha Dog and review it…..I’ll post it out of pity.

8:23- “Let’s go to work”- Jim Grobe

Wow…..WCC. Wake Custom Choppers. The Demon Deacon leads the team out on a motorcycle.

8:27- Ali is fighting Arnold Palmer in the pregame…..get yourself to a TV!!!!

Ali come out with D-Wade for some reason. Let’s move that kickoff time back to 10:15

The refs mic is shit and keeps cutting in and out……this is so bad. What the hell are all those people even doing there.

Wake’s Ball……..Wake you ready? (nod)…..Louisville you ready? (nod)……LET’S GET IT ON!!!!!

8:31- Pat Haden’s mic isn’t up when the announcers go live. Not a good start FOX.

“Grobe said the kicking game is going to win it for us and it starts right now with this kickoff”- PD, There’s a problem with that Pat…..Louisville is kicking off.

This should be fun.

8:34- Wake looks a little antsy early…..They pick up a first but immediately give up the yardage.
Great touch pass by Skinner and Wake picks up 26 yards out to the 45.

Skinner overthrows Idlette…..Wake punts.

and commercial!

8:42- Louisville’s Ball……let’s see this high-powered offense.

Brian Brohm is suddenly a running QB….was unaware he had it in him.

“Wake has to survive the Shock N’ Awe of L’Ville’s offense”- TD.

8:49- Wow……Brohm hit Urrutia right in the hands and he drops a sure TD.

“He looked like T.O. on that one.”- TD, Buh Dunh Dunh.

Fumble Louisville! And there’s the Wake D we have haven’t heard anything about.

That Budweiser commercial was pretty sweet.

8:54- Louisville commits a dumb penalty. Or not…..

“The slap to the head was congratulatory”- The Ref

Blow the Whistle….Blow the Whistle…..

These gimmick plays have GOT to stop. Come on Grobe.

Hilary Sam Swank to punt for Wake. (I’m disappointed I beat all of you to this joke)

And FOX goes to commercial showing a band member eating Nachos……nice.

9:00- BoSox Siobhan has left a new comment on your post “The Orange Bowl Live Blog“: The production value of this game, never mind the announcers, is right up there with Friday night HS football.

San Dimas High School Football Rules!

Hearing a woman use the term “tag team” just doesn’t jive with me.

John Abate on coverage……….Another Punt…….and it’s tipped I believe.

Nope not tipped….great play by the punter to just chip it under the on rush of Deacons. An awful punt, but it was better than the alternative.

9:06- Brian has left a new comment on your post “The Orange Bowl Live Blog“: AA – Number 3 on Blogtopsites? Impressive showing.

Thanks Brian, but every number on that site is based on Deadspin links. I’m just along for the ride….thanks everyone for stopping by. Love you (not really, I’m like Oprah….I just pretend) Seriously though….thanks.

3-0 Wake on a Swank FG. This is an exciting game!!!!!!!! (It puts the lotion in the basket!)

9:15- WE PLAYIN’ BASKETBALL……where’s Lil’ Bow Bow?

Brohm hit Harry Douglas for a nice third down completion.

Louisville is driving…..timeout for a review.

Philly/Denver posts will be in red………7-2 Philly early….A.I. hasn’t done much.

9:22- Nice hit as Wake forces a third down……..

And Louisville runs on third and nine?????? They better be going for it. And they are.

And they get the conversion on a pass to the tight end.

9:26- False Start on Louisville. 3rd and 9 at the 24.

Louisville attempts a FG

“This is not the way this game should be going down.”- MV, Matt…..stop it….you’re a good announcer. The whole world knows that. Come on.


9:32- Terry Donahue tries to talk over the ref as he’s explaining a penalty.

L’Ville forces a three and out. I can already feel the tide turning.

A crap punt by Swank (27 yards) and the Ville has it on the Wake side of the field

I don’t know her but I hate the DLP “It’s the Mirrors Girl”…….and the damn Ironman Nissan commercial.

9:39- TD Cardinals……..HB Pass to the Tailback. They looked like Wake on that one. Just bad coverage.

10-3 Ville.

26-16 Philly at the end of 1…..Iverson has 5/5/1

9:45- John Tereshinski on the reception…..”Comes from a long line of Georgia players. He’s the only turncoat in the family”- MV

Good one.

Wake turns it over in the RedZone……but wait the replay looks like he was down. Or maybe not…..

BoSox Siobhan has left a new comment on your post “The Orange Bowl Live Blog“: Did they say Louisville converts something like 40% of its 4th down tries? About the same percentage of African-American football players they graduate.

Wow….someone is upset about that fumble.

9:54- FOX video just randomly shows two beers. What the hell was that about?

And Taylor Hicks and Gladys Knight at halftime…..who wants to keep the running diary for me on that one?

9:59- Great little drive for Wake as they get a chance for a FG

Signal to Noise has left a new comment on your post “The Orange Bowl Live Blog“: AA – I’d offer, but halftime is smoke break time. You may have to suffer.

Thanks for nothing STN……thanks for NOTHING!


10-3 Louisville. Halftime…….Take a break all…..back in a few.

Run Up The Score! has left a new comment on your post “The Orange Bowl Live Blog“:
Posted by Run Up The Score! to
AwfulAnnouncing at 10:09 PM……..Yeah, if there’s one coach in America you want to break down the keys to successful football, it’s Dave Wannstedt..

He’ll be here all night….er wait that’s tomorrow night. Make sure you pick on RUTS tomorrow for the Sugar Bowl

52-52 in the Philly/Denver game. Iverson has 11/3/6 and I can’t believe that he is taking this team on his shoulders so well with Carmelo and JR out. Good stuff AI.

10:35- Wake has awesome field possession and gets the second half started off right with a first down (we’ll pretend Louisville’s 3 and out never happened)

How many times do they have to tell us that Idlette is a “track star”

Wow…..wide open TD to whitey Nate Morton who has quietly put up 62 yards….

10-10…..now we’re playing!

Signal to Noise has left a new comment on your post “The Orange Bowl Live Blog“: Obviously he’s not at the BCS bowl in the way he had hoped. I just want to take Riley Skinner aside for a second and say, “Riley, you’ve had a great season and you made it to a BCS bowl. Look, you’re an adult now. Isn’t it time to stop having Mom cut your hair with the salad bowl?” I know he’s ripped and all that, but every time I see him without a helmet, I think, just for a split second, that I could beat him up. This also applies to Jason Biggs….er, excuse me, Pat Cowan.

Now that’s funny….I don’t care who you are.

10:38- I have a good feeling that Louisville isn’t f’ing around with the run anymore……

Wake recovers a fumble from an AA Player to Watch Urrutia……let’s go to the 10 minute review!!!!!

Play stands and Petrino is flipping out for no apparent reason. I’d like to know what he’s thinking about right now.

Sideline Warning on Bobby “O” Petrino.

10:46- “You go down to the garbage can, and i’ll hang a hook pattern. That’s their offense”- TD, umm okay???

Both teams are completely abandoning the run…..control the clock Wake.

Wake punts……they don’t capitalize on the turnover…..and the game is boring again.

10:52- Good god I’ve lost interest in this game…..and apparently so have BoSox and BJ who are grads of Wake…..that doesn’t bode well for me.

God I love when the Bulls lose……Leonardo Barbosa hits a three with 1 second left to put the Suns up 1

Wake breaks a long run on first down, but does a dumbass end-around and loses 4 yards.

10:59- The announcers have no idea that Wake fumbled the ball when the entire world did. Good job guys.

“Oh wait…..that was out.”

Yeah….no shit.

Wow FOX with the blatant “Fuck” shot from Belton.

11:03- Brohm hits Douglas the most predictable pass ever for 50 yards….

Hmmm, didn’t see this coming. Louisville driving…..1st down at the 23.

Wow….Patterson stones Allen on 3rd and one and the Ville will kick the FG……

And Alfonso Ribiero Smith affects the kick! That dude is everywhere.

1st and ten and Wake starts running the ball straight ahead……hmm shoulda done that in the first half.

10-10…..PUT YO FIVES UP! ABBATE!!!!!

Wake for a FG and Sam Swank actually hits one……


They go to Laura on the sidelines for the Luke Abate story. You all know I hate sideline reporters but she did a damn good job.

“Number 5 is alive.”- Luke Abbate’s Dad

11:19- Louisville on the drive…….Brohm throws it up to Urritia and it’s incomplete.

Louisville ball at the one…..first and goal

Anthony Allen scores on a BS TD…..didn’t look like he was in, but it probably wouldn’t have mattered.

17-13 L’Ville

11:24- Are you kidding me that there’s 12:31 left on the clock?!?!?!?!?!

Good lord. Go to bed everyone……I’ll finish this out and you can read the rest in the morning.

11:29- Louisville is going to blitz every down now.

Wake runs a draw on 3rd and 11 and basically bitch out. Louisville will punish them for it. Here’s where the betters win one.

Allen who? The Sixers win in Denver 108-97. Line……30/4/9.

11:34- Come on Wake…..just stop them so you can block the punt we’ve been waiting for all night.

8 Minutes left……..1st down Cards.

Another 1st down, and L’Ville has decided to play all of a sudden.

11:38- Timeout Louisville and this one is going to go down to the wire either way. 5 minutes left…..L’Ville up 4 and in the RedZone.

11:42- Sorry not the RedZone the 24.

The Louisville FB runs it in for the TD and Wake is on the ropes.

24-13 Cards. Wake needs some BSU magic right about now.

11:49- Wake’s last chance considering the new start the clock rule…..

Skinner is just throwing ropes, but he comes up a little gimpy after another Wake first.

Gay intercepts Skinner’s pass and the Cards look to run out the clock. Wake has 3 T.O’s, but they still need some stops.

“That’s all but going to ice things down at this point”- MV, not really Matty but nice close.

11:57- Why is Louisville taking a timeout? Just curious Vegas……just curious.

How many times can you say FedEx in the last 5 minutes Matt?

Weird call by Petrino to go for it on 4th down, but Louisville prevails anywho……

Final 24-13 Cards.

One last note from Flubby at KSK

flubby has left a new comment on your post “The Orange Bowl Live Blog“: Local media in the ‘Ville buzzing that Mal Moore has said Petrino is Bama’s next target if Saban turns them down.

Very Very Interesting.

Good night all and stop by for Run Up The Score’s Live-Blog of the Sugar Bowl.