The Good:

The Good nod for this weekend is going to Thom Brennaman. Not because he is a great announcer (he isn’t) but just because he isn’t Joe Buck. It’s a shame that the Tigers swept the A’s in my opinion.

The Bad:

You all know how I feel about sideline reporters, but in the grand scheme of them Lisa Salters isn’t that bad. Anywho, Lisa used to play basketball at Penn State and during the broadcast of the Michigan/PSU game she threw out this little guy (this little guy? don’t worry about this little guy.) She was asked about the new Basketball center on Penn State and her playing career…..

“Lisa was a player at Penn State and a pretty good one at that” “Oh no guys…..I didn’t get much action in college.”- LS

That struck me as funny basically because I have the humor of a 12 year old.

The Ugly:

Honorable Mention: Steve Lyons

Hands down goes to Lamar Thomas. He is (hopefully was) the color guy for Miami Football games along with Jason Solodkin on the lead. Well all of you have seen the Miami/FIU brawl, but have you seen it from the Miami feed??? Just plain awful….this is why people have no respect for Miami Football. The fun starts at 1:47….enjoy. Two of my favorite quotes….

“You Don’t come into the OB Playing that stuff! You across the Ocean!!!” Oh the Florida Ocean….forgot about that one.
“I was about to go down the elevator and get in that thing!” Riiiiiight. You do that Lamar.

Well let’s hope that he’s fired and all players involved are suspended for a year (which the won’t be). And you wonder why Steve Spurrier had problems with discipline when he coached the Miami Redskins?

(Update!!!! Comcast Sports Southeast is taking action during their replay of Saturday’s game. Now this is how you respond to these matters!!! (Just kidding)……Miami Replay to Air)

(Update #2!!!! Yes I know that this is the first non-Simmons ESPN story I’ve linked in awhile, but I swear it was sent to me….I didn’t go to the site.)