We’re switching it up today and going with the 2006 chats first. I’m not going to throw up many comments…..I’ll let you all take care of them. I really just need to spend some time on the articles from 2006 and I’m heading out of town at around 2pm (going to Ohio….that’s right O.H.I.O. No jokes please).

P.S.- I’m not proofreading this, so if there are errors….deal with it.

Bayless’ Chat Archive– We have five chats from 2006, so let’s get into them (in no particular order)

Proto(NJ): Skip, I heard this rumor. Can you confirm or deny it? The rumor is that Around the Horn actually has 5 guys on it everyday, including you. But you are so stupid that you get kicked off before the show acutally starts every day. True?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: True. And you’re dumb enough to keep watching for me every day.


TJ LA: Skip, are you a duke or unc fan and why?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I’m a J.J. fan. He’ll be a better pro than the Stash.


Kyle (Racine, WI): Skip, what did you get your wife for Valentine’s Day?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I protest Valentine’s day because it’s a plot against men by a consortium of chocolate companies, card companies, jewelers, florists and upscale restaurants. I try to make every other day Valentine’s Day for my lady. So — true story — I told her I wasn’t getting her anything for Valentine’s, then I sent her flowers on Monday signed, “For no reason — Skip.” Aww, Skip is a romantic.


Joe, St Louis: Skip, whats it really like working with Woody?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: He can be a little nuts. But he’s actually very smart and has a very big and good heart. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to work with anybody else. I get so worked up and passionate that he saves me with his humor and props.


bryan (chicago): i’ve been at work all day, what happened with bobby knight on cold pizza this morning?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: He made some insulting cracks to Dana about “fixing breakfast,” then when she asked him about the Mike Davis situation, he said he wasn’t talking about Indiana, and when she tried to rephrase the question, he unplugged and walked off. Hahaha….stupid broad. You don’t talk to Bob Knight about Bob Knight. (What a psycho)


Mike (philly): Have you ever expiremented with drugs, because some of the stuff you say makes me wonder if you come onto tv right after going through 100$ worth of crack?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I have never touched a recreational drug in my life. Don’t drink alcohol, never even tried a cigarette. The only thing unfiltered is me.


david (lubbock, tx): this morning you call viniteria the No. 1 free agent this off season. Did you say kickers (especially Jay Feeley) were useless?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I can’t get this concept through Woody’s sometimes thick head. I don’t hate kickers, I hate kicking. The rules of football make them far too valuable in determining the outcomes of games. But the rules haven’t changed, so if I’m the Patriots, I pay Vinatieri “star” money. I applaud the Colts’ Bill Polian for breaking the unwritten rule among owners that kickers shouldn’t be paid much. This is the greatest clutch kicker ever, and as much as I hate kicking, I’d want him on my team, because he will be allowed to win two or three games a year. Maybe more, in this guy’s case. Great move for Indy.
Whoops, there I go being positive.


john (memphis): what’s your real name?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I was the first born, and my father called my mother “Skipper” when they were dating. As in, I think, “You’re the Skipper of the ship.” You know how silly kids can be when they’re in love. So when I was born, they officially named me after my father, John Edward II, but he immediately started calling me Skip, which stuck. Not once did my parents ever call me John. But when I got to high school and every teacher called me John, refusing to use my “nickname,” I had it legally changed. Aww that’s cute.


tommy (boston): “…win two or three games a year. Maybe more.” Are you insane? I love Adam V, but he’s had 19 “game winning” kicks in his career (10 Years). Most of these kicks (Raiders game excepted) were somewhat routine. Are you suggesting Kicker A would miss all of them? And, this is plating for a “close-to-the-vest team like the Patriots. Plus, he’s missed 3 of his last 5 “clutch” attempts (playoffs). Maybe less time talking and more time researching would be a good recipe for you.

SportsNation Skip Bayless: Maybe less time chatting and more time researching would be a good recipe for you. You’re referring to late kicks. I’m talking about the ones that changed games in the second and third quarters, too. You Patriots fans are spoiled rotten because he was so automatic no matter how hard it was snowing or how hard the wind was blowing. Get back to me next January after you’ve suffered through a year of Edinger. Welcome to the real world. Yes, he made three game-winners in Minnesota last year, but he lost it in Chicago, as every kicker has except the slump-proof Vinatieri.
At least he gave it to someone from Boston. I fully condone that.


SportsNation Skip Bayless: Good day, boys and girls. Skip Bayless, at your service. Rock and fire.
Rock and Fire???


Peter (N.Y.): Skip, your insane if you think Nash and the Lakers could have beaten Kobe and the Suns. Marion, Diaw, Nash, Barbosa, etc. have the ability to score. You honestly think that Walton, Parker and Odom could have eached scored 15+ pts each per game in that series? You obviously didn’t watch games 4-7. Skip, I agree with a lot of what you say but you are dead wrong on this one.

SportsNation Skip Bayless: No, you’re insane, because you’re forgetting that a lot of analysts gave the Lakers a good chance to make the playoffs. I said they would. Nobody gave Nash’s team a chance to even make the playoffs, let alone be the second seed in the West, because nobody thought Diaw or Barbosa or House or Jones were anything but rejects and backups. I know two NBA GMs who thought Barbosa was a liability as a backup point guard.
What Nash is doing is simply astonishing.


Roy (St. louis): Skip, all these guys are idiots!

SportsNation Skip Bayless: Good point. My mistake.


Daniel (DC): This is silly, selective journalism: you draw firm conclusions about Kobe and Nash from the last 3 games of the series, ignoring what they each did the previous three games. Yes, Nash is great; but if Parker could hit anything, he would have exposed Nash’s awful D and forced him to work at the other end of the floor.

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I love it how it’s now all Smush Parker’s fault. Do you remember what Michael Jordan did with Steve Kerr and John Paxson? He made them believe they could hit game-winners. Kobe wants Smush to steal the ball from Nash, but Kobe is going to take every big fourth-quarter shot, and his teammates know it. Jordan and Nash could win with Smush.
Just a dumb comparison. He makes zero sense and cannot respond to valid criticism.


Steven (Rhode Island): Why are yo so mean to people?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: I’m not mean, I just try to be honest, because that’s what I would think readers would trust me to do. I just try to tell the truth the best I know it about every situation. I try not to get too close to athletes or coaches and sell out because they treat me like one of their buddies.


Brad (NM): Hey Skip have you ever been threatened in a Jim Everett type manner for going too far?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: No, but I’ve been threatened in a Jim Everett-type manner after stories I’ve written have appeared. I’ve had several confrontations that I thought could come to blows (Mark Tuinei, Frank Thomas) but mercifully, they did not. I obviously would have gotten the worst of those.
There’s still time Skip…..there’s still time.

Here are the highlights from Skip’s last chat as a Page 2 writer

Bob (Montana): Skip, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy called, they want there bow ties back

SportsNation Skip Bayless: Typical from some loser stuck in Montana who doesn’t know there from their.


Wally (NZ): Anyone ever tell you that you’re irritating as hell?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: No, but thank you.


Brett (Detroit): Dear Skip, the Buckeyes deserved that national title. Sincerely, the OJ Simpson jury



Aaron (Jersey): Does your buddy TO have a great year in Dallas, or is he going to drive everybody crazy… again?

SportsNation Skip Bayless: The Cowboys will lose Game 8 in Carolina. Keyshaw will have a big game to spite Parcells. Owens will blame Bledsoe. Parcells will side with Bledsoe. Owens will threaten to quit. Jerry Jones will side with his new favorite player and kindred spirit — T.O. Parcells will quit at season’s end. Hmm. I could actually see that happening.


Shaun (Madison WI): When will we see an Around the Horn comprised of you, Woody, Stephen A and Mariotti? I’m just curious to see if the TV would destroy itself out of principle

SportsNation Skip Bayless: Woody would set fire to himself. Haha, good question Shaun.

And that’s where we end it. Bravo on your Chats Skip…..If anything you get the most emotion out of the “idiots” that spend time asking you serious questions. Good Riddance.