So Fox went with the backups last night and even threw Lou Pinella into the mix. I actually don’t mind Brennaman, but Steve Lyons is kind of a douchebag. Anyways, the broadcast was pretty good only a few mistakes here and there. My favorite parts were when Lou Pinella would get on Thom B. and tell him he was wrong. Once on a stolen base by Milton Bradley late in the game, and once when Thom B. said he believed in “some of the philosophies of MoneyBall”.

Lou Pinella is pretty good in the booth. Including a great point that I was unaware of. A’s had 1st and 2nd with either 0 or 1 out and there was a flyball to deep center. Well Kotsay (on 2nd) didn’t even try to tag….

“You need to get to third base in that situation. If you have a guy on third the 1st baseman has to hold the runner on first, opening the right side for the next batter”

You mean the “Yawning Chasm” Lou? Great point though. Other quotes from last night….

“Chavez gets a little pull happy”- SL, Whoa Stevie….whoa.
“If the A’s didn’t have ____ they wouldn’t be here right now”- SL, Not a bad statement but he used it three different times (Frank Thomas, Mark Scutaro, and Ken Macha)

Another great comment of the night goes to Joe Benanati (former Caps Announcer) who was doing the Flyers/Rangers game last night for Versus. Brendan Shanahan scored on a wicked slapshot in the second period and he screamed……


I was ready to jump all over him, but I looked up the term “Buzz Bomb”. So what the hell is a “Buzz Bomb”??? The Fieseler Fi 103/FZG-76 (Vergeltungswaffe-1, V-1), known as the Flying bomb, Buzz bomb or Doodlebug, was the first guided missile used in war and the forerunner of today’s cruise missile. V-1s were launched from “ski-jump” launch sites along the French (Pas-de-Calais) and Dutch coasts until the sites were overrun by Allied forces. A small number were air launched from German aircraft over the North Sea.

The yelling of it kind of scared me, but I learned two things last night and that’s all I can ask of my announcers. God forbid that they are actually informative, and we learn something right? And we got to see a Calf Muscle explode which was rad too.