Your week will now be capped off by some football picks, an announcement, and a video.

Games I like (warning do not blame me if you lose. confidence in bold):

Pro= Bucs -3, Seahawks -6.5, Bears -3 (buy the hook), Colts -3 (buy the hook), Skins -4 (buy the hook), SD -3

College= Pitt -8, Ole Miss +10, Miss St, +20.5, Cal -7, Texas Tech -7, Ok State -14 (neutral site)

ANNOUNCEMENT: This year I’m going to be live-blogging every MNF Football game. Yep, I’m a loser. But the thing is I’m going to be at the Skins/Vikes game this Monday. Well Skip at Gentrified Rice graciously has offered to be a guest host. So join Skip Monday Night as he takes on TK, JT, and MT.

Also, if you are interested in live-blogging a game for AA just send me an email. We might make this a weekly thing.

So apparently the European version of Madden 07 has a glitch in Superstar Mode where every pass you throw goes backwards. The title of the video is too funny.