You’re getting a quicky this morning because I missed a good portion of the games over the weekend. You’re one quote for today comes from Mr. Alan Richard Michaels. After a Reggie Wayne fumble on the sideline during last night’s NBC Sunday game…..Alan took us to that magical place….

“The Ball lying there like a….a….piece of gold waiting to be recovered”- AM

Just a beautiful picture Al painted there. And all Dallas Clark could do was to kick said piece of gold out of bounds. Thanks Al and Dallas…..The Leprachauns win again.

(P.S.- I write my notes on Word Docs at night and sometimes leave my laptop unattended. When I opened up the one from last night I had this quote waiting for me…..”Look at Brady, laying there with his backside in the air. Like an acre of tobacco ready to be picked and dried.”- AM. I’m pretty sure Alan didn’t say that, but I might have missed it and my roommate was just being helpful.)