Every Night (not really) we will pick up on a great NBA game that you wouldn’t normally come across and give you the rundown.

Tonight’s game: NYK at MEM.

We pick up the game in the 3rd OT!!!! (More on the earlier part of the game later. We live-blog starting now.)

11:22- Crawford fouled and hits the shot. Knicks 111-109

Crazyness as Mike Miller hits a fadeaway three. Key players of the game…..and you’re not going to believe me…..Rudy Gay, Chucky Atkins, and Kyle “I’M MIKE!!!!” Lowry.

No joke but Kyle Lowry has made Starbury look like an idiot on multiple plays tonight. Can someone point Damon Stoudamire to the bench…..Wait he already knows where it is???? Good.

11:26- Quentin Richardson blows a kiss to ex-Brandy and has 29 points to bring the Knicks to within one.

Chucky Atkins looks like an All-Star against the Knicks and I think that tells you everything you need to know about the 06-07 NYKs.

2:06 left in the third OT.

Channing Frye tries a three?!?!?!?!?!?! It was a set play also…..great call Isiah.

11:30- David Lee gets the craziest reverse alley-oop ever.

Rudy Gay hits a huge two to get to 21 pts.

Nate Robinson gets his own offensive rebound and calls a timeout with :40 left.

The Memphis Announcers are pretty darn good. I need to look those cats up.

117-115 Memphis NYK Ball.

Nate Robinson to the line and misses the 2nd……..117-116.

11:36- Wow….Chucky gives up the ball to Crawford who forwards it on to Q…….who OBVIOUSLY walks with the ball. He draws the foul which was almost a charge, and hits 2 FTs to put the Knicks up.

117-116 with 11.9 secs left.

11:41- David Lee fouls Mike Miller to use up the FTG. 5.7 seconds left.

The Memphis PA System Redeems itself from its early playing of Quad City DJs with Europe’s Final Countdown.

Mike Miller misses a turnaround jumper, and the Isiah Thomas era begins with a win.

The Grizz rallied from a 19 point hole to send it into the first overtime. Good times…..We’ll see how long this “new feature” lasts.